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Two-factor Authentication @ UNCG

Two-factor authentication is a security tool that adds an extra layer of security when you log in by requiring an additional step using a physical device (“something you have”) after you log in using your UNCG username and password (“something you know”). (See "What is two-factor authentication?" to learn more.)

UNCG has chosen Duo as our two-factor authentication (2FA) system. With Duo, users may use an application on their iOS or Android mobile device, SMS messages, or hardware tokens as "second factors" to further secure access to UNCG services.

Campus applications and services protected by 2FA currently include Google Apps, Canvas, Office 365, Box, MyCloud and others.

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to enroll in two-factor authentication to protect their UNCG accounts and data. In general, enrollment is optional. However enrollment may be mandatory for some faculty and staff who, for example,

  • deal with high risk data,
  • have had their accounts compromised more than once, or
  • are required to use 2FA by their management.

Note: If you opt-in to 2FA and subsequently wish to unenroll, you will need to submit a request to 6-TECH (see FAQ "Can I unenroll from two-factor authentication" for more information).

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