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Business Affairs Project Prioritization Policy

Revised November 2012


Name: Joella Hoskin Anderson
Phone: (336)334-4586

Business Affairs Online Request Form


For Business Affairs, there is a formal process for authorization and prioritization of systems projects, as follows:

  • In advance of making a request for systems support for new systems or significant changes in existing systems and processes (regardless of the need for Information Technology Services (ITS) services), the Assistant/Associate Vice Chancellor (AVC) or designee for the area is expected to give a notification of intent (with a minimal detail requirement) to the Director of Systems & Procedures for discussion and guidance. If the project is just a simple fix or tweak requiring minimal IT or other resources, then it can be approved by the Director of S&P without needing other levels of approval.
  • If the systems work is project size, the AVC must discuss the proposed systems work with the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs (VC) for a preliminary authorization to move forward with the Systems Request for evaluation and prioritization.
  • The systems request form (link above and also located on our website) is filled out by the area within Business Affairs (the Client) requesting the systems work.
  • The information from that form is forwarded to the Director of Systems & Procedures
  • The Director performs the initial triage and gathers sufficient information to determine the nature and approximate size of the request, factors that should be considered in moving forward, and possible alternatives.
    • Small items / break/fix = MIS request
    • Item that can be handled by S&P without IT
    • Items that should be on Divisional Priority List
    • Items that should be on Cross-Divisional or Institutional Priority List
  • Details of the systems requests and recommendations for prioritizing them among other current divisional priorities are sent to the Associate VC for Finance where the nature, timing, relationship to other projects and cost/benefit are further evaluated.
  • The proposed reprioritized list is then sent to the Vice Chancellor for final evaluation and decision.
  • Often the Director of S&P, the AVC for Finance and the VC meet in person to make the decisions.
  • Once the Divisional Priority List is finalized, the Director of S&P forwards it to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Administrative Applications.
  • Systems Projects are sized and scoped by IT as they advance in to priority list, and are initiated once the appropriate IT and other resources necessary for the systems project become available.