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University Project Prioritization Process

The following high-level steps have been agreed upon and adopted by the ASC and will be used to guide University project prioritization.

  1. Divisions will continue to use existing project prioritization processes.
  2. The resulting divisional list will be submitted to the Administrative Systems Committee for coordination. The ASC works with ITS to determine which projects can be undertaken for the fiscal year.
  3. Project requests will be formally submitted to ITS for all divisional priorities by the Divisional contact or delegate.
  4. Project requests for institutional and cross-divisional projects will be submitted by an ASC representative.
  5. ITS will develop a standing weekly technical committee dedicated to sizing and scoping all project requests.
  6. Requesting clients and their divisional representatives will receive ITS resource estimates for each work request submitted.
  7. Client will be contacted by an ITS project manager within one week of their request being submitted to ITS, to begin sizing and scoping the work effort.
  8. A portion of the ASC meeting each month will be used to review status of project hours used/committed against project hours budgeted. Any significant variances will be discussed and necessary adjustments to the resource allocation plan will be made by the committee at that time.