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Email Alias Procedure


An email alias is an alternate email address that can be used to send/receive email in addition to the primary UNCG username. This allows you to have a longer or different email address than the one that was automatically assigned. Because of potential conflicts with other email addresses, as well as a need for a standard email address convention, limitations are required when selecting alias addresses. This procedure governs the format, use and management of official University email aliases.


Only faculty and staff are allowed to have an email alias. Students are not granted email aliases.

Procedure Statement

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro allows employees to obtain email aliases for personal or departmental use. The requirements for establishing an email alias are as follows:

  • There is a limit of 5 aliases per username.
  • The alias must be unique. Additionally, to ease human error, aliases must also be unique when compressed without separators. That is john.smith and johnsmith would both yield a compressed JOHNSMITH, so only the first one entered would be allowed.
  • The alias can only contain alphanumeric characters, periods, and dashes (no underscores or special characters).

Departmental Aliases

  • May be requested to conduct college business (e.g.
  • No additional limitations on form are required.

Personal/Employee Aliases

  • Personal aliases must be based on the individual's actual name. For example, if a user's name is John P. Smith he may be granted an alias of johnny.smith, but would not be granted aliases such as jedimaster or johnboy57.
  • Personal aliases must conform to the following format:
    (first or middle derivative 1-n characters) + {dot, dash, nothing} + lastname
    - OR -
    lastname + {dot, dash, nothing} + (first or middle derivative 1-n characters)
Options for Aliases for the name Robert William Brown:
  • Robert.Brown or RobertBrown
  • William.Brown or WilliamBrown or William-Brown
  • Rob.Brown or RobBrown
  • Will.Brown or WillBrown or Will-Brown
  • R.Brown or RBrown
  • W.Brown or WBrown or W-Brown
  • Brown.Robert or BrownRobert
  • Brown.William or BrownWilliam or Brown-William
  • Brown.Rob or BrownRob
  • Brown.Will or Brown.Will or Brown-Will
  • Brown.R or BrownR
  • Brown.W or BrownW or Brown-W
  • William.Brown or WilliamBrown
  • Bill.Brown or BillBrown or Bill-Brown
  • Will.Brown or WillBrown
  • Brown.Bill or BrownBill or Brown-Bill
  • R.W.Brown or RWBrown


An email alias can be requested by contacting 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or Once the email alias has been created, 6-TECH will notify the requester via email when the new alias is ready for use.

Aliases will be automatically deleted from the system and reusable when the UNCG username to which they belong is removed. Aliases can be removed upon request by the username owner or the username owner's supervisor. Aliases do not expire, usernames do.

Aliases belong to a UNCG username and thus are subject to be transferred to a different owner any time the username to which they are attached is transferred. Aliases themselves are not transferred among owners. If an individual no longer wants an alias, they may request it be removed. If a new individual wants that alias, they may have it once it has been removed.

Related Information

  • Email aliases are not to be used in place of your UNCG username when accessing services that require your login and password.
  • Aliases will appear in the email contacts directory.
  • To use your alias as your default iSpartan email address, you must first add it to your iSpartan account. See Send mail from a different address or alias and follow the directions for this option: "I'm a Google Apps for Business user sending from a domain alias or email alias."