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ITS Guideline: University Account Expiration

All client community members at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) receive their accounts when they initially become official members of the community. When an account is expired, the account is locked and access to most systems on campus is revoked. Any email sent to an expired account is bounced and a notice is sent to the sender of the message. The bounce message will state that the email address does not exist.

Faculty and Staff Account Expiration

  • When a faculty or staff member leaves the University for any reason, it is the responsibility of that individual's employing department to notify the accounts administrator of the change in the individual's employment status. Please fill out the Expire and Delete Account Request (pdf: requires a reader such as Adobe Reader) and return it as directed to the accounts administrator.
  • The account deletion process runs monthly, so once your account in Banner is marked as "not employed," it will expire within a month. After an account has been expired for 1 year, the account (and all data associated with the account) will be deleted.

Student Account Expiration

Enrolled students at the university are granted accounts during their time of study at UNCG, as long as they comply with university and ITS policies on appropriate use. This means:

  1. All student accounts remain active for students between semesters and over the summer.
  2. All student accounts become inactive once a student has not enrolled for 2 semesters OR once a student has not been admitted for a current or future semester.