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Account Expiration

An account is "expired" when a person loses computing account eligibility (for example, when they are no longer a student or no longer employed). When an account is expired, the account is locked and access to most systems on campus is revoked. In terms of email, email sent to an expired account will bounce and a notice will be sent to the sender of the message stating that the email address does not exist.

If after eight months the user does not regain eligibility and re-activate their computing accounts, their data may be in accessible across various services (Active Directory [Mapped Drives], Google, Box, Office 365, OneDrive etc).

Note to departmental HR liaisons and timekeepers: More detailed information about when eligibility begins and ends can be found at Account Eligibility.

Tip: Before your account expires, use Google Takeout to export your Google Apps data (email, docs, etc.).

Account Expiration: Students

Enrolled students at the university are granted accounts during their time of study at UNCG, as long as they comply with university and ITS policies on appropriate use. This means:

  • All student accounts remain active for students between semesters and over the summer.
  • All undergraduate student accounts become inactive once a student has not enrolled for two consecutive semesters, providing the student has not been admitted for a current or future semester.
  • All graduate student accounts become inactive once a student has not enrolled for two consecutive semesters, providing the student has not been admitted for a current or future semester.
  • Graduating students: Your account will expire two semesters after graduation.* For example, if you graduate at the end of the Spring semester, your accounts will expire at the beginning of the following Spring semester (after the Summer and Fall semesters of the following year).
    Alumni email: Students who have graduated from UNCG are eligible to obtain a new lifetime email account. Please see for more details.

*Please note: The two-semester "grace period" is extended to all graduating students as a courtesy (to assist with post-academic activities such as job search, etc.). We strongly recommend that students make every effort, as soon as it is convenient, to migrate email or data files associated with their UNCG account to non-UNCG personal accounts and storage space. See Tip about using Google Takeout to assist with this.

Account Expiration: Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees paid via UNCG Payroll

Eligibility for computing accounts is based on “Official Status” as maintained in Banner Human Resources System. Once eligibility ends, then accounts are expired.

While there is automation employed to expire accounts, there are a few situations for which an Expire and Delete Account Request form should be filled out and submitted to the ITS accounts administrator (as directed on the form). Specifically, an Expire and Delete Account Request form should be submitted:

  • In the case of adverse terminations, when account termination needs to be handled before the normal "Last Work Date" expiration.
  • When a department is severing a relationship and may or may not know if the individual is continuing in another capacity at UNCG (working for another department, becoming a student, retiree, etc.).
  • To request the removal of secondary accounts that are no longer needed.

Timing of account expiration

  • Faculty staff, and temp workers: accounts are expired depending on your Payroll Type and your Last Work Date. Last work dates are set for faculty or staff with job that is for a specified length of time. Last work dates are left blank for ongoing employees until their last work date is known.
  • Student employees: accounts are expired based on your Student Status.

Payroll Type When Eligibility Ends/Accounts Expired
Faculty 14 days after Last Work Date
EHRA Staff (aka EPA) Midnight after Last Work Date
SHRA Staff (aka SPA) Midnight after Last Work Date
Temp Workers Midnight after Last Work Date
Student Employees (Work Study, Departmental, Graduate Assistants) Expiration based on Student Status

Account Expiration: Unpaid Persons (Non UNCG Payroll)

People who are not being paid via UNCG Payroll but have a departmentally defined and approved relationship, where they are providing services to a UNCG department, are eligible for computing services for the duration of their relationship. For more details, see Non UNCG Payroll Persons with UNCG Relationship.

For all types of unpaid persons a first and last work date are set during the approval process.

Non Payroll Type When Eligibility Ends/Accounts Expired
Adjunct Faculty Midnight after Last Work Date
Adjunct EPA Midnight after Last Work Date
Affiliates (Staff) Midnight after Last Work Date
Affiliated Research Participants Midnight after Last Work Date

Email Notification of Pending Expiration

When students, faculty or staff are forecasted to lose computing account eligibility based on their Banner data, they will be notified via email of the expiration date for their accounts. Where possible, an employee’s supervisor of record in Banner will be notified via email as well.

Notices may begin as early as 30 days prior to a forecasted loss of eligibility, with additional notices closer to the expiration date. Notice may be shorter if Last Work Date is set to less than 30 days out.

Notice will be sent to all email addresses on file in Banner for the person losing eligibility .

If a person regains eligibility prior to the forecasted expiration date, they will receive a notice that they are back in good standing.

Examples of email notifications (stored in Verified Campus Communications Repository (VCCR):