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University Account Maintenance

You can maintain your email account online by accessing the following pages.

  • Department Change Request
    This is for staff members changing departments and for those who have changed from student to staff or faculty. DO NOT use this form if you are a student employee of a department.
  • Account Transfer Request
    This is for employees or supervisors requesting transfer of account ownership to another individual. DO NOT use this form if you are a student employee or graduate assistant.
  • University Account Expiration
    These guidelines are for departments that have an employee who has left UNCG.
  • Terminate Banner Account(s)
    These instructions explain how to terminate an existing Banner runtime account.
  • Update Your Name
    This document provides information about changing your name legally with the University. It also explains how you can update the name that is displayed in iSpartan and Genie.
  • Look Up Your User Name
    This online form will allow you to look up your current user name.
  • Changing and Resetting Account Passwords
    There are various methods for changing and resetting password on the various systems at the University.