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North Carolina Identity Service (NCID) Accounts

The North Carolina Identity Management Service (NCID) is the standard identity and access management platform provided by the State of North Carolina Office of Information Technology Services. NCID is a web-based application that provides a secure environment for state agency, local government, business and individual users to log in and gain access to real-time resources, such as customer-based applications and information retrieval.

There are some UNCG staff whose job responsibilities require them to access certain state-maintained systems and information. In order to do so, they will need to obtain an NCID account. Most of the systems involved also require additional accounts, but having an NCID account is the first step in obtaining the necessary access.

Note: The NCID accounts are "non-University" accounts, since they are provided by the state, not by UNCG. However UNCG does perform administrative functions for all of the NCID accounts held by UNCG staff, primarily pertaining to password resets, account unlocks, etc.

Who is eligible for an NCID account?

UNCG part-time and full-time staff/faculty whose job responsibilities require them to access certain state-maintained systems and information.

How do I request a new account, deactivate or activate an account, request password change, or make an inquiry?

Contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324).

Who are the UNCG NCID Administrators?

Obtaining an NCID Account

To request a new NCID account, UNCG staff/faculty should call 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) and open a ticket. You will need to supply the following information to request an NCID account:

  • full name
  • UNCG username
  • campus address and street address
  • campus phone number
  • UNCG email address
  • status (full-time or part-time)
  • UNCG department
  • UNCG division
  • supervisor/manager name
  • supervisor/manager email address
  • supervisor/manager phone number

Note: To request a new account or to deactivate or reactivate an account, you must supply an email from your supervisor/manager.

Related Information

If you have questions or need more information, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or