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Reporting Accounts

WebFOCUS is the enterprise reporting solution supported by the University. Many departments use WebFOCUS for their Banner and Operational Data Store (ODS) reporting. To use WebFOCUS, you must have a WebFOCUS account. A WebFOCUS account is separate and distinct from your Banner runtime account. A WebFOCUS account does not provide any access to Banner or ODS data. Data access is granted through the rights assigned to your Banner runtime account.

WebFOCUS Account

Access to WebFOCUS reports and the WebFOCUS software at UNCG requires the following:

Additional/Changed Access

If, after your WebFOCUS account is initially set up, you find that your job duties change and you need additional or different access, please fill out the "modify" section in the WebFOCUS account form above and send the completed form to the address for your division indicated on the form.