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Secondary Account FAQ

  1. How do I get a secondary account?
    To request a secondary account, fill out and submit a Secondary Account Request
  2. What are some examples of secondary account usage?
    A department wants to send/receive email to a generic email account that has the address: Usernames can only be 8 characters, so a secondary account with the username "finaid" is created. To access the email account, the owner logs into iSpartan with the username "finaid." The alias of is created for the account, which allows for email to be sent/received with the address

    A department has a website that is being developed by a vendor who needs access to UNCG resources to install/configure/manage the website. A staff member requests a secondary account with UNCG network access, sets the password and gives the username/password pair to the vendor.

    A faculty member wants to be able to log into the labs with the same view of services as the students. The faculty member requests a secondary account with UNCG network access AND NO departmental resource access (and Instructional Linux Environment, if desired).
  3. I need student workers to access departmental resources. Should I use a secondary account?
    No. Secondary accounts are for use by faculty and staff and should not be used students.
  4. How many secondary accounts may I request?
    There is no technical limit to the number of accounts, however ITS recommends no more than two.
  5. What are the different services available to a secondary account?

    Google Apps For Education (GAFE) or iSpartan:

    This service includes email, calendaring, Web, and documents provided by Google.

    UNCG Network (AD/GCN, VPN, ADS):
    • Users can log into a UNCG desktop connected to the UNCG network to access file space (home directory). It allows for application delivery of UNCG-licensed software and access to lab printers.
    • This service also allows users to connect to the UNCG network from off-campus via VPN service.
    • Users can publish and maintain Web pages on

    If you are requesting a secondary account for use in Canvas, it must also have corresponding GAFE access. When completing the Secondary Account Request Form, be sure to check “Yes” when asked “Does this account need access to Google Apps for Education (GAFE)?"

    Departmental Resources (files, printers, etc.):

    This service, in conjunction with UNCG Network Service, allows users default access to departmental file space and departmental printers.

    Instructional Linux Environment (formerly known as UNIX) - This service is a Linux-based login service that allows:
    • Publishing or maintaining departmental Web pages on
    • Access to various software packages, such as SAS and SPSS.
    • Access to specialty math software, such as MATLAB.
  6. Can I get a secondary account in WebEx?
    No. WebEx accounts are created for primary usernames. If you need additional access to WebEx, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or
  7. What happens to the secondary account when an owner leaves a department?
    If no action is taken and the owner is leaving UNCG, the account will be terminated (see University Acccount Expiration for more details).

    If the owner or the department wants the secondary account to continue, the owner or department head must submit an Account Transfer request as soon as possible. Please visit Account Transfer Request to begin this process.