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Account Transfer Request

If you are an employee or supervisor requesting transfer of account ownership to another individual as a result of a change in affiliation with the University, please complete the Account Transfer Request form (pdf: requires a reader such as Adobe Reader). The completed form should be printed and mailed to:

Accounts Administrator c/o 6-TECH
ITS Service Desk, 103 McNutt Building


  • If the requestor is not the current owner of the account, department head’s signature is required to authorize the transfer.
  • New owners must be employees (not students, student workers, or graduate assistants).
  • The account will inherit the display name of the new owner unless a custom preferred name was previously supplied by the original owner.
  • If new owner’s department differs from original owner, account will be moved to the new owner’s department.
  • An owner’s primary account is only transferrable when he/she contains no other accounts. The account will be transitioned to a secondary account of the new owner.
  • Banner accounts are non-transferable. If the account contains Banner accounts, they must be removed prior to transfer. If Banner access is still desired under this username, the new owner must (re)submit a Banner Access Request (Modify) under their name to the Banner Security Committee requesting that the access be added back.