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Using the Self Service Password Reset Request

The Self Service Password Resetting utility (SSPR) has been designed to allow current affiliates of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) to reset their computer account passwords. UNCG affiliates consist of faculty, staff, and students who have current accounts at UNCG. SSPR will only be useful for those who have non-disabled active accounts. If an account status in Banner is not active or is not acknowledged, users will receive the error message The system has no service request data for you when trying to use this utility.

To reset your password:

  1. Go to
  2. On the Self Service Password Resetting Form, fill out all the information in the form. NOTE: This form is not case sensitive, which means upper or lower case data may be entered in the Computer User Name, Last Name, and First Name text boxes.
  3. Read University Policies governing computer accounts, and then click the box that says "I agree to abide by the following University Policies."
  4. Click the Request Password Reset button.

    SSPR Default Interface View

  5. On the next screen you will be asked your Computer Challenge Question. Answer it exactly as you answered it when you set up your UNCG computer accounts.
  6. Click Request Password Reset.
    SSPR Challenge Question Interface

  7. On the next screen, read the IMPORTANT information at the top that tells you about password requirements.
  8. Then go to the box that says "UNCG Login Accounts" and click Reset Passwords for all UNCG Login Accounts. (Faculty/staff may also have Banner/ODS accounts and can choose to reset those passwords at the same time if desired).
  9. Enter your chosen password in the Password and again in the Verify Password text boxes.
  10. Click the Request Password Reset button to proceed.
    SSPR Select Accounts and Choose New Password Interface

  11. On the next screen you will be asked: Are you sure you want to reset your password now?
    Click Yes to continue and complete the process.
    SSPR Reset Confirmation Request Interface

  12. You will receive a confirmation page describing the password(s) you have requested to change and letting you know that the reset is complete.
    SSPR Reset Confirmation