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Blackboard Collaborate

** Please note: Access to Blackboard Collaborate will cease on or around June 30, 2016. At this time all scheduled sessions and user recordings will be inaccessible. UNCG is migrating to WebEx, which will be made available as soon as possible during the Spring 2016 semester. **

Blackboard Collaborate enables you to hold classes, meetings, office hours, or one-on-one consulting sessions online and allows people to interact in a fun, engaging way. With this technology, departments on campus can save money on travel, because meetings and events can be held online. Events also can be recorded for later viewing.

Blackboard Collaborate uses virtual classrooms, rooms, and meeting spaces that allow exciting new approaches in peer-to-peer learning and instructor-led courses while involving each participant on an individual level. Collaborate allows you to poll your participants, use and share a white board, chat with participants, have participants virtually raise their hands for questions, import PowerPoint slides, share your computer screen or a particular window with participants, share the microphone with participants, use a webcam, and more!

Blackboard Collaborate may be used either from within the LMS (Blackboard Learn / Canvas), or independently from the LMS. Courses in Blackboard Learn and Canvas feature a built-in interface to Blackboard Collaborate. Faculty, staff, and students with a faculty or staff sponsor may use Collaborate outside of Blackboard by requesting a room with the Blackboard Collaborate Room Request.

Users of Blackboard Collaborate are expected to adhere to University Policies. Please especially review the Acceptable Use of Computing and Electronic Resources Policy.

Is Your Device Ready for Blackboard Collaborate?


To have a successful Blackboard Collaborate experience, your computer must meet the minimum specifications required by Blackboard Inc. Click the following links to see if your computer is ready to run Blackboard Collaborate:


The Blackboard Collaborate Mobile app functions on most iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) and Android devices (including Kindle Fire). More information on the mobile app can be found on the Blackboard Collaborate Mobile page. To run the app, your device must meet the following requirements:

** Please note: the Collaborate Mobile app has not been updated since August 2013 (Android) / October 2013 (iOS). While it may function on newer hardware and operating systems than the ones listed in the links above, users may have a more optimal experience using the desktop Collaborate app instead. **

Blackboard Collaborate Resources