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UNCG is moving to a new Learning Management System called Canvas.

UNCG has selected Canvas by Instructure as its next Learning Management System (LMS), replacing Blackboard Learn (Bb). Over the next 2 years, UNCG will transition from Blackboard Learn to Canvas with a target of all classes being available in Canvas prior to Spring 2016. Please visit for more information and specific details about the timeline.

Canvas by Instructure

Canvas is a web-based Learning Management System that is built on the modern concepts of adaptability, reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness. Canvas allows instructors and students to create and interact with educational and collaborative content beyond the traditional classroom. Canvas is mobile-friendly, and is designed to make the most common tasks easier and faster, so that teaching and learning is enjoyable.

Canvas Accounts

Students, faculty and staff are provided with a Canvas account upon activating their UNCG computing accounts. If you have not activated your computing accounts, you can do so on the Computer Accounts Activation form. Canvas accepts the same username and password as your iSpartan (UNCG Gmail) account. If you do not know your password, you may reset it on the Self-Service Password Reset form. If a person does not have a UNCG computing account, they (or the UNCG department they are assisting) can contact UNCG Human Resources to begin the application process. Examples include but are not limited to Guest Lecturers, Community Partners, and Consultants.

Information Technology Services (ITS) does not enforce any limits on the numbers of course test, development, and organization accounts at this time, though limits may be enforced in the future as specified by the Canvas Use Policy.

Canvas Logo Login to Canvas here:

Canvas Course Enrollment

Course enrollments are maintained through the Banner Student Information System (aka "UNCGenie"). When students register for a course in UNCGenie, they are enrolled into that course in Canvas via an automated process. The update process follows a cycle that begins every 2 hours and takes approximately 75 minutes to complete. For more detailed information, see Canvas Update Cycle.

NOTE: During the migration from Blackboard Learn to Canvas, different courses will be taught in Canvas and in Blackboard. Students should contact their instructor for information about which system their course is in.

Supported Browsers

Canvas supports most modern, up-to-date browsers. In general, this means the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. For full information about what browsers Canvas supports, visit their website.

For more information, see Support and Resources.

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