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Third Party Integrations with Canvas

Canvas supports LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability®), a standard that makes it possible to integrate third-party tools with your Canvas course, or enhance the course with other Web applications and Internet resources. LTI tools can be added to the entire UNCG account (aka “root account”) in Canvas, meaning the tools would be available for use in all courses and organizations. They can also be added to individual courses and to college/school/department subaccounts in Canvas.

Since LTI integrations with Canvas can send data, such as personally identifiable information and student grade data, to third-party systems, it is critical to ensure that any data shared with third-party systems via Canvas be done so securely and in accordance with University policies to preserve ownership of the data, safeguard confidentiality and integrity, and protect students rights under FERPA.

Requests for New Integrations

Requests for new integrations (LTIs) should be made at least 4 months in advance of expected initial use. The reasons for a longer lead time vary widely, however the largest section of testing is dedicated to the security of the application and the secure transfer of student data. Listed below are example deadlines for requests expected the following semester. These may vary considerably depending on the complexity of the request.

  • For use within Canvas by the fall semester, the recommended deadline is April 1 before the desired fall semester.
  • For use within Canvas by the spring semester, the recommended deadline is September 1 before the desired spring semester.

New integrations can be requested by submitting a ticket to 6-TECH.

Note: This request process is not a substitute for the clickwrap approval process or EULA acceptance. View the list of approved clickwraps here.


Please note that UNCG Information Technology Services cannot provide support for all third-party tools available through Canvas. Although we are dedicated to ensuring an optimal experience using the Canvas LMS, the third-party tools that are available for use in Canvas are too numerous for us to adequately support. If you experience difficulty using any of these tools, please use the contact information associated with the particular tool, and advise your students to do the same.

Current Integrations

Note: The Acceptable Use of Computing and Electronic Resources policy at UNCG refers to services and software that may be governed by UNCG-specific terms and/or conditions. The information is provided below for the benefit of all faculty, staff and students, so they can understand the terms of use and any risk that may be incurred by using a third party tool.

Application/Vendor Purpose Approved For Date Made Available
Arc by Instructure Interactive Video Platform Individual courses as requested January 2017

Barnes & Noble
Adopt Course Materials/Purchase Course Materials

Allows faculty adoption of course materials in FacultyEnlight; students can purchase course materials. All UNCG Courses November 2015
Cengage Learning Access to Cengage resources within your Canvas course. All UNCG Courses August 2014
CirQlive/Webex CirQlive allows instructors to create Webex sessions in Canvas courses. All UNCG Courses March 2016
Films on Demand Allows instructor to search and select videos to embed into their courses w/out leaving Canvas.  A Films on Demand button is added to the Rich Content Editor in Canvas. All UNCG Courses May 2016
iClicker  Allows students to register iClicker remotes in Canvas. All UNCG Courses August 2014
MacMillan Provides access to LaunchPad activities and resources in your Canvas course and gradebook synchronization.  College of Arts & Sciences October 2016
McGraw Hill Campus
(See more details)
Provides access to all McGraw Hill Education products from within your Canvas course and gradebook synchronization. All UNCG Courses January 2016
Pearson (MyLab/Mastering) Access to MyLab or Mastering from within your Canvas course; gradebook synchronization. All UNCG Courses August 2014
Smart Sparrow Integration of BioBeyond courseware and Canvas. Biology Department June 2017
Softchalk Cloud Deployment of interactive learning objects in your Canvas course.  (Softchalk subscription required) All UNCG Courses May 2015
Turnitin (See more details) Plagiarism detection.  All UNCG Courses November 2014
UNCG ID Photo Roster Displays photos of students on course roster.  Only visible to the Instructor of record. All UNCG Courses August 2016
WileyPlus Provides direct access to WileyPlus content in your course; gradebook synchronization. All UNCG Courses October 2014

Have questions? Need more information?

If you have questions about any of these services or policies, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or