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Official Roster of ID Photos

The Division of Academic Affairs and Information Technology Services (ITS) worked with the ID Office in Student Affairs to enable the display of current student ID photos within Canvas. In addition to the standard "People” list, ITS has added a link for the "ID Photo Roster" to each Canvas course that is fed from Banner. The ID Photo Roster includes the photo ID of each student who is officially enrolled in the course (provided an image is available). You can also see the students’ usernames and email addresses underneath each photo.

If you are the official instructor of record for a course, here is how to access the ID Photo Roster in Canvas:

  1. Log in to Canvas (
  2. Browse into your course.
  3. Click ID Photo Roster on the menu.
  4. The photos will load automatically.

Note: Courses with a large number of students will take several seconds to load.

When someone officially enrolls in your course, that person’s picture is automatically added to your Canvas course photo roster. When someone officially drops your course, that person’s name and photo are automatically removed from your Canvas course photo roster.

The photo roster is not available in organizations, clubs, and other non-official course types.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Advisory

Photo roster photos are visible only to instructors of record (as specified in Genie). They are confidential records (FERPA protected) and may not be disclosed to third parties without written permission of the student. Students cannot access or view the photo roster. Canvas will automatically prevent students from seeing the photo roster.

For more information on FERPA as it relates to UNCG's Photo ID Policy, please see Photo ID Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can view the ID Photo Roster?
    Only the official instructor of record, as specified in Banner (Genie). Students, Teaching Assistants, Instructional Technology Consultants (ITCs) and any other role that is not fed from Genie cannot view the ID Photo Roster.

  2. Why can’t I see the link for the ID Photo Roster in my course?
    The ID Photo Roster is linked on the menu for all official courses that are fed from Banner (Genie). It is not available inside of non-official courses, organizations, club/committee groups in Canvas. If you cannot see the link in an official course, please contact 6-TECH (336-256-TECH or

  3. I have questions about appropriate use of the ID photos
    UNCG has posted information at Photo ID Policy to help answer questions like this.

  4. Why do I see a lot of silhouette images in the photo roster?
    If you see an image like the one pictured below, it means that the student does not have a photo on file with the UNCG ID Center.
    Silhouette image