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Email Security at UNCG Using DMARC

As part of an ongoing effort to combat phishing and increase email security, Information Technology Services (ITS) has implemented DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance), which provides stronger controls to prevent the illegitimate use of UNCG email addresses. DMARC allows email providers to verify that email was sent from a valid UNCG address and not from a phisher/hacker or other unverified source.

Learn more about DMARC and Email Spoofing

Learn more about how UNCG is implementing DMARC

Additional details and technical information about the DMARC implementation at UNCG are available -- see the navigation links on left side of page. This information includes:

  • Examples of unapproved/unverified email services that will be affected (blocked) by DMARC.
  • Examples of approved email services (e.g. UNCG Gmail, UNCG Google Groups).
  • The timetable for the implementation.
  • What steps you should take if you use email services that fall into the “unapproved” category of services.