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Identity Finder Software

Information Technology Services (ITS) has purchased and implemented an enterprise software package, Identity Finder, to assist UNCG faculty and staff in identifying and remediating files stored on their computer workstations that contain restricted data or personally identifiable information.

UNCG's Information Security Policy (section III.A.iv.f) requires University data classified as restricted to be stored on network file storage facilities that are centrally managed by Information Technology Services (ITS). The primary purpose of this policy is to minimize the risk of University data being compromised and accessed by unauthorized individuals as a result of a local computer workstation security breach.

Once the Identity Finder software is installed on a computer, a report will be generated that will identify all files on the local workstation that potentially contain restricted data. This report is available locally to the user and a copy is stored on a central Identity Finder server for enterprise compliance monitoring as well.

Faculty and staff should use these reports to review files on their workstation(s) that may contain restricted data and take the appropriate action to move the files to network storage space, delete the files in accordance with established University Records Management protocols, or scrub the files of the restricted data.

Read the ITS Announcement of the Identity Finder Initiative (pdf: requires a reader such as Adobe Reader).