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ITS Guidelines for the Computer Labs

Children in the ITS Computer Labs

ITS recognizes that many student parents are often faced with the necessity of bringing their children to campus.  While children may accompany their parents into the ITS labs, as they are sometimes, at the instructor's discretion, allowed to do with classrooms, there are a few guidelines with which parents need to be familiar.

  • In accordance with the University Acceptable Use of Computing and Electronic Resources Policy, parents may not log their children into the UNCG network. This policy prohibits any holder of a UNCG computer account from permitting any other individual to use that account. This includes the user's children or other relatives. UNCG students using the ITS computer labs must provide any child under their supervision with ways to be occupied besides using the computers. Children may not use or touch any of the equipment in the lab including computers, printers, scanners, or any other devices.
  • To protect the safety of children, no child may be left unattended at any time in the ITS computer labs. ITS staff cannot be responsible for the child's safety, actions, or well-being. Labs are often unstaffed and the lab consultants may need to leave and/or lock the lab while the parent is absent, creating a potentially dangerous situation for unattended children. ITS student consultants have been instructed to call campus police if they discover any child left unattended, due to concerns for the safety of the child as well as the potential liability of the university.
  • To preserve an environment conducive to learning, disruptive children and the UNCG student accompanying them will be asked to leave the lab. ITS computer labs are places where students are engaged in academic work. Refusal to leave the lab upon request will result in the campus police being called and the student being reported to the Dean of Students Office for possible disciplinary action under the UNCG Student Code of Conduct. In particular please note the following examples of code violations:

    • misuse of access privileges to University premises
    • misuse of restricted areas
    • misuse of University computing facilities, passwords, accounts, or information
    • threatening or causing physical harm or harassment;
    • conduct which disturbs the peace of the community;
    • threatening or causing physical harm or harassment;
    • trespass on University property or premises;
    • conduct which is disorderly;
    • infringement on the rights or property of members of the University community;
    • failure to comply with directions of University officials

Class Reservations

NOTE: When a lab is scheduled as a classroom, please be considerate of instructors and other students.

Information Technology Services (ITS) computer labs are often reserved for use as classrooms. During these times they are governed by the same University policies that apply to any other classroom. If you are not a member of the class, you may not enter or remain in the lab during the reserved time without the prior consent of the instructor.

Although instructors may allow students who are not in the class to remain and use any computers which are not needed by the class, this is completely at the discretion of the instructor.

If the instructor asks you to leave the lab, you must, out of respect for the instructor and students in the class, leave without argument or delay. Failure to leave the lab when requested to do so by the instructor is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and may subject you to disciplinary action.

See posted lab schedules to find additional computing resources.

If you are granted permission to stay in the lab during the class, you should do so without disruption to the class. Instructors may, however, prohibit the use of the laser printers during class time.

Eating and Drinking in the Labs

Drinks with secured lids are allowed inside the computer labs, however food is not. Food crumbs may damage the computers and keyboard and create an extremely unpleasant and unsafe environment. There are no exceptions, including during periods when the labs are reserved for classes. Please be sustainable and recycle any beverage containers, as well as clean up!

Lab Telephones

Telephones installed in ITS computer labs are NOT for general use. They may be used ONLY to call campus police in an emergency (334-4444), the campus Escort Service (334-5919), or to check the availability of computers in other labs when a particular lab is full. They may not be used for any other purpose including making other on-campus calls.

Two-way Intercoms

There are 2-way intercoms available in each ITS computer lab to receive technical assistance when a lab consultant is not present and on duty. By pressing the "Tech Help" button, you can receive assistance from the lab consultants in the SuperLab in Jackson Library. The 2-way intercoms also may be used to contact campus police in the case of an emergency while you're in the computer lab. Please keep in mind that by pressing the buttons on the intercom box, anyone who is in the computer lab will be able to hear your conversation.


Students use the computer labs to write papers, do homework, and complete various assignments. Out of courtesy to other users of the lab, please minimize unnecessary conversation. In particular, cell phones may not be used in the labs; please step outside of the lab to place or receive calls on your cell phone.

Use of ITS Lab Printers

  • The printers in ITS labs are for the exclusive use of students and faculty teaching in the labs. They are not to be used for departmental or administrative purposes.
  • Any servicing of printers, including adding paper, removing paper jams, etc., is to be done by the ITS student consultants. Users are not permitted to do any servicing of the printers. If there is no student consultant in the lab, please call the SuperLab Help Center at 6-TECH (256-8324).
  • Lab printers are not photocopiers and are not to be used to print multiple copies of documents. ITS lab personnel may delete such print jobs from the print queues. This type of use constitutes abuse of computing resources and is thus a violation of UNCG's computer use policy.
  • Users of ITS computer labs may not bring in paper of their own to use in the lab printers. This policy applies to all users equally - graduate and undergraduate. This is because "foreign" paper often jams the printers and print jobs are sometimes redirected from other labs due to equipment failure or for other reasons. It cannot be guaranteed that a particular job will come out on particular paper, even if the lab is empty.
    • If you need specialized paper such as envelopes, colored paper, labels, thesis paper, you can obtain these kinds of printing services from University Printing and Graphics or from local printing businesses. Two such businesses are within walking distance of campus: Kinko's on Tate Street and Copy Postal One on Lee Street.

Animals in the Labs

Animals are not permitted in University buildings. Animals providing assistance to handicapped or disabled persons are the only acceptable exception.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact the Student Computing Manager, Veronica Norville Thompson.