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Computer Lab Reservations

The deadline for submitting departmentally-coordinated lab reservations for the Spring 2019 semester is Friday, November 9, 2018.

The following procedures are designed to provide for a manageable reservation request process and an equitable distribution of lab space as demand for these resources continues to grow.

Who May Reserve the ITS Open Access Computer Labs?

UNCG faculty and staff members may reserve the campus computer labs for activities or programs that are officially sponsored by a UNCG entity. Labs may not be reserved to host outside groups of which faculty or staff members are members; only groups directly associated with the University may reserve labs.

Departmental Coordination for Faculty Lab Reservations

Requests for computer lab space have been increasing rapidly. Although requests for lab reservations may be made at any time during the semester by individuals, ITS processes lab reservations according to the following guidelines:

  • Requests for lab space for the coming semester should be coordinated first at the department level. Departments should resolve conflicts among faculty members who may wish to reserve the same lab at the same time before sending those requests to ITS. Departments that do not coordinate faculty requests will be processed after those that do.
  • In those buildings or departments where lab committees have been instituted, such as Graham and Bryan, reservation requests should be coordinated by those committees before being forwarded to ITS. In those buildings or departments without lab committees, the faculty liaison should coordinate departmental requests for lab time and attempt to resolve conflicts before forwarding these requests on the proper forms described below to ITS. Again, any requests that do not follow this procedure will be processed after those that do.
  • Every semester, a deadline is established for coordinated departmental reservations. After this deadline has passed, all other requests will be processed. Individual requests will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis after liaison and committee requests have been processed.
  • Once semester deadlines pass, individuals requesting a lab should use the Lab Reservation Request form. This form should also be used throughout the semester for any new or additional requests.

Schedule of Courses

Please remember that all requests for lab reservations must be made through ITS and not through the Registrar's Office. Confirmations of lab assignments will be issued by ITS. Please do not submit ITS computer lab room numbers to the Registrar for inclusion in the schedule of courses without first receiving a confirmation from ITS.

If you use one of the computer labs as either a primary classroom location or as a regular lab section location, you may choose to have that listed online in Banner (not the printed schedule of courses, due to time constraints). There is now a field on the lab reservation form to indicate your preference in this regard. Once your lab reservation is confirmed by ITS, it is the instructor or department's responsibility to communicate that information to the Registrar. You should do this by forwarding the reservation confirmation which you will receive from ITS to the Registrar via email.

Releasing Labs When Not In Use

As noted above, there is enormous pressure on the campus computer labs. If you discover you will not be needing a lab which you have reserved, even if only for one class session, please notify ITS by phoning 6-TECH (256-8324) or emailing ITS often gets requests for one-day lab reservations, and releasing unused lab time allows us to accommodate as many requests as possible.

How to Submit a Reservation Request

Requests for lab reservations are to be submitted on the Lab Reservation Request form. This form provides ITS with the information necessary to locate users in the appropriate labs. Phone and email reservation requests will not be accepted.

Faculty with departmental liaisons should print this page, fill it out, and turn it into the liaison. The liaison, after reviewing faculty request forms for conflicts, appropriate use, and compliance with the Registrar's standard hours (see below), should forward these forms to ITS.


Classes that only use computers infrequently should not request a semester-long lab reservation. Semester-long reservations should only be requested by faculty teaching courses in which computers must be used during each class meeting. Semester-long reservation requests designed simply to insure access to computers when needed will not be honored. Lab reservations for classes which are not routinely using the computers are subject to cancellation and release to other faculty.

Standard Hours

ITS adheres to the Standard Hours policy set out by the University Registrar. Because classes meeting in non-standard time slots effectively preempt computer lab use for two standard time slots, labs will only be scheduled for standard time slots.

Final Examinations

A separate reservation request must be made for final exams. Labs will NOT be reserved automatically even if you have semester-long lab reservation.

Where to Get Help

Faculty or staff who need assistance or further information concerning the reservation process should call 6-TECH at 256-TECH (8324) or email

Class Meeting Times and Sequences

Standard Hours

Course scheduling should adhere to the following Standard Hours table. Exceptions to Standard Hours must be approved by the Scheduling Policies Committee. Standard Hours apply to three/four credit hour courses offered during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Departments must notify the University Registrar's Office and Cashiers & Student Accounts Office for determination of academic penalty drop dates for courses that meet for part of a semester.

Daytime Schedule (Morning and Afternoon Classes)

  • Morning Class starting times are 0800-1159.
  • Afternoon Class starting times are 1200-1659.
  • MWF classes are 50 minutes and meet on the hour.
  • TR classes are 75 minutes and meet sequentially on the hour/half-hour beginning at 0800.
  • MW classes are 75 minutes, meet sequentially, and may be scheduled only after 1400.

Evening Schedule (Evening Classes Only)

  • Evening Class starting times are 1800-1930. Evening Classes must begin on the hour or half hour.
  • Classes meeting twice a week (MW, TR) are 75 minutes.
  • Classes may meet for 150 minutes, but must begin on the hour or half-hour.