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Minimum Requirements for Users of Non-Program Laptops

While students are strongly encouraged to purchase one of the recommended program laptops, you may bring a non-program laptop to campus.

Students who are considering using a non-program laptop should be aware of the following important points:

  • Students who do not purchase a program laptop must still bring a device which meets or exceeds the hardware specifications given below.
  • These students are also required to purchase and install the required software listed with the minimum hardware specifications.
  • Laptops not purchased through the Student Laptop Program are not eligible for support in the 6-TECH Service Center. Any hardware repairs must be paid for by the student and obtained from off-campus service providers.
  • Students who do not purchase a program laptop are not eligible to check out a loaner laptop when their non-program laptop is being repaired.
  • The software support available for clients without program laptops is very limited. ITS staff at the 6-TECH Service Center or 6-TECH [336-256-TECH (8324)] cannot directly troubleshoot software problems on non-program devices; they can only assist you in troubleshooting your software problems. If a catastrophic software failure requires that the operating system and software be re-installed, it is the student’s responsibility to do so, or to pay for the work to be done by an off-campus service provider.

The following are the minimum hardware requirements for the Windows Platform:

For the Apple Platform – assume the same specifications that describe the Standard MacBook Pro Laptop as the minimum requirements. See About the Laptops for the Standard MacBook Pro description. For items that are not explicitly listed on the description for Apple MacBook Pro (example – minimum battery life), use the list below as a guide.

Minimum hardware requirements

A student may elect to purchase a recommended laptop through the SLI, or they may obtain a non-program laptop on their own. Non-program laptops should meet or exceed certain minimum requirements listed below.

Configuration item Minimum specifications
Computer Type Laptop or Tablet
Native Screen Resolution 1024 x 768
Processor Speed 2.5 Ghz
Min RAM  4 GB
Minimum Hard Drive Size 320 GB
Minimum Hard Disk RPM 7200
Minimum battery life 6 cell
Ethernet 10/100/1000 Integrated
Wireless  802.11a/b/g
Optical Drive DVD/CD-RW
Sound Integrated, w/speakers, earphone and mic jack
USB slots Two 2.0 - powered
Camera Yes
Video Graphics Card  128 MB or better business class
Card slots required 1 CardBus slot, Type II

Minimum software requirements

Required Software
Operating System: Windows 10 or Mac OS
Microsoft Office Professional (see our Technology Purchases Web page for purchasing options)
Anti-virus software (See our Software Purchases Web page for purchasing options)
Adobe Reader
Mozilla Firefox
Flash Player
Quick Time Player