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Remote PC Access

Citrix Remote PC can be installed on your UNCG-owned Windows PC so that you can access your computer securely from virtually anywhere on any device. The computer you wish to access via Citrix Remote PC will need to be both powered on and physically connected to the wired GCN network.

Note: This service is available to Faculty and Staff members only.

Install Citrix Remote PC on Your Work Computer

Before you are able to access your work computer remotely, you must install the Citrix Remote PC software on it.

  1. On your work computer, open the Application Catalog (AppCat) and search for Citrix Remote PC. Once you find it, click the Citrix Remote PC icon and then click the Install button.

    For help accessing the AppCat, see: Installing Applications.

    UNCG Application Catalog
  2. The application will download and begin installing.

    Note: The screen may flash as the install progresses.

    Installing screen
  3. Once the software has been installed, you will be required to restart your computer. If you want to restart right away, be sure to Save and Close any files you may be working on. Then click the Restart button.

    Restart button
    Note: You may see a Windows dialog box, prompting you to restart. To restart right away, click Restart Now.

    Restart Now button
  4. Login to your computer after it restarts. The computer should now be "assigned" to you and should be accessible via MyCloud, on the Desktops tab.

    Desktops tab in MyCloud

Access Your Work Computer from a Remote Device

  1. Log on to MyCloud from your remote device. For help, see: How to Access MyCloud.
  2. Click on the Desktops tab and you should see your computer desktop icon.

    Desktops tab in MyCloud
  3. Click your computer desktop icon and it will open in a new window.