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Using MyCloud Applications

With MyCloud, you can access many applications that are available in the Information Technology Services (ITS) labs.

Opening MyCloud Applications

  1. After you Access MyCloud and log on, you will see the Apps section:

    Apps section
  2. Find an application to launch on the main screen:

    App icons
    Or use the Search All Apps box to search for it:

    Search box
  3. Click on an application icon to open it.

    App icon
  4. The application will start loading in the background while a Citrix progress bar shows.

    Progress bar window
  5. The application will then open on your desktop. You may use the application as if it were running locally on your computer. This means you have access to load files from your local devices and print to local printers.

Working with Files in Applications

Opening and saving your files with a MyCloud application is similar to opening and saving your files with an application installed on your local computer.

Please note: Some Windows applications may vary slightly from the instructions below (e.g., the File menu may have a different label). You may need to adjust the following directions for certain applications.

  • To create a new file, click the File pull-down menu and select New.
  • To open a file, click the File pull-down menu and select Open.
    Note: You may not be able to open a MyCloud application by double-clicking an existing file.
  • To save a file, click the File pull-down menu and select Save or Save As.
    If your local device (computer, notebook, tablet/smartphone, thin client) has available local storage (hard disk, CD/DVD, thumb drive), you may store your files locally (e.g., on your C:\ drive).

    Screenshot of Save As screen, showing devices and drives and network locations

    Note: When accessing files on local storage, you may receive a Security Warning. Choose Permit all access to work with files that are on local storage.

    Security Warning window

    You also may store your files using:

Printing from Applications

Printing from a MyCloud application is similar to printing from other Windows applications. Below are general guidelines for printing.

Please note: Not all Windows applications handle printing the same way. You may need to adjust the following directions for certain applications.

  1. From the File menu, select Print to bring up the print screen for the MyCloud application. The default printer displayed by the MyCloud application will be the one configured as the default printer on your local computer. If you change the default printer, the MyCloud application will change to your new selection. In addition, MyCloud supports a list of ITS-managed enterprise printers. For more information, see Printing at UNCG.
  2. After selecting the desired printer, select any other settings available for your printer, choose the desired number of copies, and click Print.