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Backup Services

Backup services are designed to provide recoverability for loss of any data stored within the UNCG server environment. The cost of backup is built into the cost of ITS services that require backup. ITS provides four levels of backup services, which vary in cost depending on the frequency at which the data is backed up. High frequency of backups results in higher cost, but lower data loss and recovery time in the event of a disaster.

For example, enterprise class backup service is the premier backup service offering at UNCG. It is the most expensive backup service, and it provides the highest frequency of backups, which result in only a 24 hour data loss and 8 hour recovery time in the event of a disaster. Conversely, disaster recovery class backup service is the least expensive backup service offering at UNCG. It provides the lowest frequency of backups, which results in a 30 day data loss and 72 hour recovery time in the event of a disaster.

Levels of Backup Services at UNCG Design for Maximum Data Loss & Recovery Time*

ENTERPRISE class backup service is available for workloads that need this level of protection. It includes:

  • Nightly full backups
  • Original backup retained on-site in library 35 days
  • Requires multiple application servers and mirrored storage
  • Encrypted copy of original replicated to off-site location; retained off-site 365 days.
Data loss = 24 hours
Recovery time = 8 hours

BASIC class backup service is the default backup selection for UNCG. It consists of:

  • Nightly backups
  • Original FULL backup retained in library 35 days
  • Server runs out of the McNutt datacenter
Data loss = 24 hours
Recovery time = 8 hours

No Backup is an option for selected workloads and provides no level of backup protection.

Data loss = ALL
Recovery time = none

*NOTE: A large number of extenuating factors can affect actual data loss and recovery time in a disaster situation, including the extent of facility damage, as well as the amount of time before disaster is reported. Recovery time is based on the availability of the infrastructure, including time to retrieve data located off-site.

Choosing the backup service that is right for you depends on your tolerance for data loss and requirements for recovery time in the event of a disaster. Mission critical systems such as Banner, Blackboard, and the services shown in the table below receive enterprise class backup services by default. Research storage receives disaster recovery class backup service by default. Faculty and staff can choose the level of backup required for other special-purpose storage they purchase. Special volumes vary in cost according to the frequency of backup required.

Service Description Default Backup Services
  • Faculty, staff and student home directory network storage space (S:\ drive)
  • Department network storage space (N:\ drive)
  • SPARTANDRIVE:\\ Storage - additional home directory or department directory storage purchased by faculty and staff
  • Specialized department storage:
    • Windows Web & Database File Space
    • MS SQL Database Space
    • Streaming Media File Space
    • AFS File Space
    • LAMP web hosting
  • Virtual servers configured with Windows 2008 or Red Hat Linux RHEL pre-installed
  • Hosted databases configured either Oracle or Microsoft SQL pre-installed
  • Webhosting services configured with MySQL and LAMP stack services
<YouNameIt> Research Storage Basic
<YouNameIt> Storage (Special Volumes) Basic

For information on data storage, please see Data Storage Services.

To learn more about Backup Services, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or