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Data Storage Services

ITS provides secure networked storage space for electronic data. All data storage services include:

  • Location in a state-of-the-art  ISO 27001 compliant data center facility
  • Malware protection
  • Access and disk usage reporting
  • Flexibility for you to fully manage access permissions
  • Ability to collaborate between different individuals and groups both on and off-campus
  • Remote access to files and folders
  • Nightly backups including self-service restores
  • Redundant hardware

Individual, Department, and Specialized Storage Default Allocations

If desired, UNCG faculty, staff and students can request a personal home directory network storage space (S: drive), with a quota of 5 GB, at no additional cost to their department.

All departments are provisioned with 200 GB of department network file storage to be shared among faculty and staff as the department wishes at no additional cost (N: drive). Departments may also utilize 5 GB of specialized storage at no additional cost.

Storage Description Default Storage
Allocation in GB
Cost to User
or Department
Faculty, staff and student home directory network storage space (S: drive), upon request


Department network storage space (N: drive) 200 $0
Specialized department storage:
Windows Web & Database File Space
MS SQL Database Space
Streaming Media File Space
AFS File Space
5 $0
Specialized department storage:
LAMP web hosting (cPanel) for Department web
10 $0

Options for Purchasing Additional Storage

UNCG faculty and staff may purchase additional home directory storage, and departments may purchase additional department directory or specialized department storage at a minimal annually recurring cost. For details, see Network Services Fees: Additional Network File Storage.

To learn more or obtain Disk Storage Services, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or