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File Services on the General Computing Network

Management of File Services

  • Department Technology Coordinator (DTC)
    A DTC has technical responsibilities related to a department's use of the network, and serves as a primary point of contact for Information Technology Services (ITS).
  • Special Volume Management
    Faculty and staff may purchase special-purpose storage on the GCN that is distinct from their home directory or departmental directory.

Accessing Files

On Campus


  • SFTP for GCN File Access
    Allows direct access to your GCN personal home directory (S: drive)
  • UNCG Access to Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
    VPN creates a secure path to the GCN so that faculty and staff members can access campus resources remotely.
  • MyCloud @ UNCG
    Enables faculty and staff to have access to the UNCG desktop computing environment and applications.
    It also allows all UNCG users (faculty, staff and students) to access their GCN personal home directory (S: drive) via applications in MyCloud (e.g., within an application you can use "File Open" to browse and access S: drive files). Learn more at Using MyCloud.

File Backup and Restoration