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Resetting Your General Computing Network Password

Your password for the General Computing Network (GCN) expires every 365 days. As the expiration date approaches, you will begin receiving email notifications that your password is about to expire. Following the instructions below, you should reset your password before the expiration date to avoid interruption in services.

If you don't reset your password by the expiration date, you will get a message when attempting to login that your password has expired. DO NOT click "Yes" to reset your password. Instead, follow the instructions below to reset the passwords for all of your accounts so that they are synchronized.

To reset your password(s):

  1. Go to the Self Service Password Resetting page (
  2. Follow the instructions, providing information as requested.
  3. When asked to provide and verify a new password, be sure that the password meets the specified criteria as listed on the page.

    Recommendation: Passwords should be memorable, but not easily guessed. ITS (Information Technology Services) recommends that you create a passphrase as your password by combining a set of simple, random words that you then memorize. See Choosing a Secure Password for more information and tips.

  4. Type your new password in the Password and Verify Password boxes.
  5. Click Request Password Reset.
  6. Logout out of all accounts. The next time you login to each account, use your new password.