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General Computing Network File Structure

In the General Computing Network (GCN) environment, you will have access to a personal home directory and a departmental directory. In Windows 7, both directories are accessible through Computer as mapped drives. On the Mac, they are accessible through mounted volumes on your Desktop.

GCN Home Directory

NOTE: Starting January 24, 2017, personal home directories on the GCN, also referred to as the “S: drive”, will be provided to new university students, faculty and staff on request, rather than by default. See this ITS News article for more details.

If needed*, you can request a personal home directory (S: drive) for file storage on the campus (GCN) network.

(*Many students, faculty and staff prefer to use cloud storage, for ease of access from the internet, to reduce storage space used on your computer, and other benefits. UNCG cloud services include: Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive/Office 365.)

  • A personal home directory is private — files located here cannot be shared.
  • Your home directory quota (or size) is 5 GB. Faculty and staff can request an increase by contacting 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or These increases are available for a fee.
  • Your Windows home directory is the same file space as your Mac home directory.

To request a personal home directory:

  1. Go to and log in with your UNCG username and password.
  2. Click Enroll to request a home directory (S: drive).

It may take from 2 to 24 hours for the S: drive to appear.

Windows 7

Your home directory is located on your SPARTANDRIVE. You can access it by logging into the GCN and opening your drive.

S:/ drive in Windows 7


Your home directory volume will mount automatically on your Desktop. It will be named according to your GCN username. If your home directory does not mount, see: Mounting Volumes on the General Computing Network.

Home directory volume icon

GCN Departmental Directory

Each client has access to a Departmental directory on the GCN. Within the Departmental directory are 2 folders: a Department folder for files that are shared with the entire department and a Custom folder for files that are shared with only one person, or a custom group of people.

  • Custom - By default, the only person with access to this folder is your Department Technology Coordinator (DTC). A DTC has the ability to create sub-folders in this directory, and grant access to additional users/groups. If you have special file sharing needs, please contact your DTC to request a custom folder in this directory. In the GCN environment, this is the only directory in which you can share files with just one other person, or a customized group of people.

    Note for Mac clients:
    If your DTC creates a custom folder for you, you will not be able to set file rights to your custom folder from your Mac. You must use a PC.
  • Department - By default, all department members have all access rights (e.g., read, modify, delete) to this folder, except the ability to grant access. Use this folder for files that should be shared with your entire department.

Windows 7
N:\ drive in Windows 7

  • You can access your departmental directory by logging into the GCN and opening your N:\ drive.
  • Each department directory quota (or size) is 200 GB.

Department Volume on a Mac

The Departments volume will mount automatically on your Desktop. You can open the volume and select the department in which you are a member. If the Departments volume does not mount, see: Mounting Volumes on the General Computing Network.