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General Computing Network for Students

All UNCG students have a General Computing Network (GCN) account for accessing the campus network. The account is used to login to the network in ITS-managed computer labs (e.g. SuperLab). It can also provide storage space on the network (personal home directory, or "S: drive") if you request one.

NOTE: Starting January 24, 2017, personal home directories on the GCN, also referred to as the “S: drive”, will be provided to new university students, faculty and staff on request, rather than by default. See this ITS News article for more details.

Your UNCG Account Password

Students login to the campus (GCN) network using their UNCG username and password.

Use the Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) form at to reset your password(s). When resetting passwords, you may find it helpful to select all account check boxes to ensure that all of your University passwords are synchronized.

Important note: If your password expires, you must reset it through the SSPR form. Resetting your password through the Windows interface may cause problems.

Using Computers in the Labs

Use your UNCG user name and password to login to the campus (GCN) network in an ITS-managed computer lab. If you have a personal home directory on the GCN network, you will have access to it once you are logged in.

  • In Windows, this space will be accessible through your S:\ drive.
  • On a Mac, your personal volume will mount on the desktop.

Accessing Network Files Remotely

If you are a student and have files on the campus (GCN) network* — either on a personal home directory or a departmental directory, if granted access by your instructors or departmental staff — you can access those files from any internet-connected computer, using one of the following options.

  • SFTP for GCN File Access: Allows direct access to your S: drive (if you have one) on the campus network, as well as access to departmental space approved and granted by your instructors or departmental staff.

  • MyCloud @ UNCG: Allows access to files on S: drive (if you have one) via applications in MyCloud (e.g., within an application you can use "File Open" to browse and access S: drive files). Learn more at Using MyCloud.

*NOTE: File storage space for students has largely transitioned from the campus (GCN) network to the cloud. UNCG offers students several cloud storage solutions including Box, Drive and Office365/OneDrive. These solutions offer convenience of use and, in some cases, unlimited storage space.

Laptop and Web Printing Service

ITS offers wireless and color printing to students on campus. See Printing at UNCG for more information.

If you have questions or need more information, contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or