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High Speed Networking Services

Faculty, staff, and researchers in all fields of study at UNCG have access to the University's Gigabit Ethernet network. The UNCG campus network communications infrastructure is a high performance, high availability design able to withstand the loss of one of the two data centers.

UNCG and NCAT jointly own a high speed/high availability Greensboro Metro fiber optic communications ring that traverses our city along Florida Street to the south, and along Elm Street through downtown to the north. This jointly owned fiber optic network infrastructure connects UNCG and NCAT redundantly to each other, to the Gateway University Research Park South Campus, and to our mutual internet service provider, NCREN.

The North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN) is our Internet Service Provider. NCREN is a statewide IP and video network that provides high speed connectivity and distance learning capability (video services) to the 16 member institutions and medical schools of the UNC system, Wake Forest University/School of Medicine, and Duke University/School of Medicine. NCREN also provides connectivity to 40+ private colleges and universities within North Carolina, and to the North Carolina state government network (State ITS).

As part of the statewide area network, NCREN provides access to commodity Internet services and Internet2 access. Internet2 is a national research and education network with a national fiber footprint offering a cross country 10Gb IP network. Access to the high speed optical networking capabilities of the national research and education networks is critical for large-scale research that involves massive amounts of data and research teams from multiple geographic locations. UNCG is a full member of Internet2.

To learn more or obtain High Speed Networking Services, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or