Information Technology Services

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Network

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) Network is designed to be an open campus network that provides unmanaged workstation access to high speed data connectivity. Only University-owned equipment may be registered on the wired ISP network or join the ISP domain.


  • Mac clients on the ISP network are able to install applications from the MacApps volume.

    clients on the ISP network do not have the ability to install networked applications. As a Windows client, you must join the General Computing Network (GCN) to access applications, or use MyCloud to access software through a Windows virtual desktop.
  • Clients on the ISP network do not have direct access to the UNCG network file space on the GCN. You must use MyCloud to access network file space.
  • Clients on the ISP network must contact 6-TECH at 336-256-TECH (8324) or to request that a GCN printer be made accessible from the ISP.