Information Technology Services

UNCG Access to Virtual Private Networking

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is used to create a secure path to the General Computing Network (GCN) at UNCG in order for your machine to access campus resources remotely. VPN creates an encrypted network connection between you and the GCN. Your computer will logically be part of the GCN when using a VPN connection.

There are two methods for remotely accessing the GCN via VPN:

  • Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN Client
    This method is for computers with the UNCG standard image. The client software maybe be installed on Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac OS X, and 32-bit Linux (Ubuntu/RedHat).
  • UNCG SSL Web Portal
    This method is for machines that do not have the UNCG standard computer image. This method provides VPN access through Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

View the UNCG Access to VPN Summary (PDF: requires a reader such as Adobe Reader) for an overview of each method of access.


  • All VPN resources are intended for the use of UNCG faculty, staff, and approved vendors.
  • This VPN solution is not available for student use. If you are a student and have files on the campus (GCN) network, see Accessing Network Files Remotely for instructions on how to access those files.
  • The iPad, iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices are not supported for either access method at this time.