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Office 365 @ UNCG: What is not available for UNCG users?

  • Desktop Sync: Available for PC users only after installing new version of Office
    PC Users can download and install the OneDrive for Business app only after installing the new version of Office from the button provided on Office365 @ UNCG. This is the app that allows users to sync a copy of all the files inside their OneDrive account to a folder on their desktop or laptop computer. This is similar to the functionality provided by DropBox and Google Drive Sync apps.

    Mac users will not be able to use the OneDrive for Business Sync App until a later date (exact timing not provided by Microsoft yet).

    You may be able to sign into the Sync App with a non-UNCG Microsoft account. Note that these non-UNCG accounts cannot access your UNCG OneDrive or Office 365 documents, and may cause issues later when UNCG begins to provide access to all Mobile Apps (likely late 2015 or early 2016).