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In March 2014, UNCG announced the decision to participate in a Managed Print Services (MPS) program to be jointly managed by Business Affairs and Information Technology Services (ITS). The program is designed to reduce overall printing costs, simplify management of printing services, and promote environmental sustainability, while increasing the functionality available to departments.

Under State of NC Contract 920M, UNCG selected Systel as the vendor the MPS program. Under this agreement:

  • Systel owns the MPS printers and copiers, and charges departments a cost per page to print
  • Departments continue to supply their own paper
  • Systel provides certified technical support for the printers and copiers included in the program

The MPS program offers many benefits. These include:

  • Department printing needs assessments that produce cost-effective recommendations regarding the number of printing devices and their placement
  • Economies of scale reducing overall printing costs per page (e.g., summer 2014 assessment for the Department of Theatre estimates a 39% reduction – from $9,701 annually to $5,903)
  • Opportunity for departments to add devices with new functionality as needed (e.g., hole punch, collate, binding, stapling, security codes), and to increase productivity with faster devices
  • Eliminates the expense of purchasing consumables such as print cartridges up front, avoiding investment in supplies that will expire or never be utilized
  • Environmental sustainability
    • Having fewer overall printing devices reduces energy consumption and electronic waste (e-Waste)
    • Program will include newer devices that consume less energy and recover from power-save model faster, reducing overall energy consumption
    • Encouragement of environmental and cost-friendly default printer settings (e.g., black & white, and two-sided printing)
    • Equipment recycling included in the program
  • Dedicated, factory-trained service technician to handle campus service and maintenance
  • Greater product consistency to reduce training time from one device to another, and help standardize support of the print environment
  • Remote monitoring and reporting of device utilization, and a better overall understanding of your department's print volume
  • Billing by department
  • Systel will offer UNCG a credit for displaced and/or unusable equipment

To learn more about the MPS program see MPS FAQ's.  

MPS Project Status Update – August 2014

As of August 2014, the Managed Print Services (MPS) project is in the needs assessment phase. During this phase, the MPS team, consisting of personnel from ITS, Purchasing, and Systel, will visit with each department to assess their current printing needs and desires. A questionnaire has been sent to each Department Technical Coordinator (DTC) in order to capture some of these needs requirements ahead of the meeting. During this meeting, we will also capture current printing expenses to include costs over the past year for items such as toner, ink, and maintenance kits, as well as copies of any contracts covering printers.

We are currently meeting with departments that have requested to be included in the beginning stages of the MPS implementation, and will continue with mostly administrative departments during the remainder of the summer. We will start to incorporate additional academic departments after the start of the Fall semester.

After a department needs assessment is completed, we will develop a report showing current printing device locations and an estimated yearly cost for printing. This report will show proposed printing device locations, and new estimated printing costs under the MPS program.  This report will also list any additional features that will be provided under the MPS solution.

As we have been proceeding with the assessments, we have discovered that with the refresh of older printers with newer, faster, and more environmentally friendly technology, we have been able to add several new functionalities and increased productivity within the departments. This includes:

  • Adding secure print and coded print to limit access to certain personnel and to reduce student printing
  • Adding hole punch, collate, binding, and stapling to departments that didn't have this ability without traveling to a different location 
  • More secure HIPAA printing with the ability to wipe a hard drive clean after every print job, utilizing U.S. Department of Defense Algorithm (DOD D5220 22-M Chapter 8) to securely wipe the disk

We are tracking current estimated printing costs, projected estimated printing costs, and potential savings dollars. Aggregate expected savings are updated after each needs assessment is completed and will continue until every department has been visited. In the table below, the totals are rolling numbers and are increased as we do our needs assessments. These numbers are current as of May 11, 2016.

Total Estimated Yearly
Current Printing Costs
Total Estimated Yearly
Projected Printing Costs
Total Estimated
Yearly Savings
Total Estimated Yearly
Percent Savings
Number of Completed
Needs Assessments
$633,880.00 $365,205.45 $268,913.55 42.42% 134

Graph representing: Total Estimated Yearly Current Printing Costs, Total Estimated Yearly Projected Printing Costs, Total Estimated Yearly Savings, and Total Estimated Yearly Percent Savings

Below is the completed assessment that has been provided for the Department of Theatre. This assessment shows a refresh of older equipment with newer, faster, more environmentally friendly printers. Several desktop printers still remain within Theatre, however, they have been updated with newer equipment. Several locations have had multiple, older printers consolidated into newer high-speed printers. This assessment also shows a potential 39% cost savings and adds new abilities for the department to restrict student printing, which had been a challenge in the past.

To learn more about the MPS program see MPS FAQ's

To inquire about scheduling a needs assessment for your UNCG department, contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or