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 (See Phone/Email Support)

6-TECH Online

 (See Online Support)

Account Activation

In order to begin using your default computer account (UNCG Login account) to access technology services, you must first activate your account.

Account Assistance

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides assistance to UNCG faculty, staff and students with requesting their University computer accounts.

Account Department Change

 (See Department Change)

Account Transfer

UNCG computer accounts are the property of the university and are owned by an affiliate. This service processes the transfer of ownership.


 (See Computing Accounts)

Additional Account

 (See Request Additional Accounts)

Administrative Systems Professional Services

ITS provides professional consultation services and training for the Banner environment to meet a variety of campus business needs.

Advanced Services for Department Technology Staff

ITS provides a wide array of advanced support services and training for Department Technology Support staff and Department Technology Coordinators.

Apache Web Server

 (See Website Hosting)

Application Development Consulting

ITS provides application development and deployment consulting services.

Application Hosting

Faculty and staff requiring applications that need to run on servers may use ITS servers to host these applications.

Application Support

 (See Software Support and Training)

Area Of Rescue

 (See Emergency Lines)

Assistive Technology

 (See Software Catalog for UNCG)


 (See Enterprise Authentication Services)

Automated Calling Menu

 (See Menu Box)

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic call distribution is a sophisticated and highly customizable service for University departments that handle large volumes of incoming calls.

Available Software

 (See Software Catalog for UNCG)

Banner Application Design and Development

ITS creates custom modifications to Banner, adding functionality to meet business needs, comply with laws and mandates from UNC General Administration.

Banner Baseline Modifications

ITS can modify vendor provided baseline Banner code to meet client business needs.

Banner Customization

 (See Banner Baseline Modifications)

Banner Environment Troubleshooting and Support

ITS works with clients to assess problems that emerge in the Banner environment which prevent University Business functions from operating as designed.

Banner Job Scheduling

 (See Job Scheduling Management)

Banner Module Management

ITS provides oversight of new releases, coordinating and implementing upgrades from the vendor across Banner functional modules.

Banner Troubleshooting

 (See Banner Environment Troubleshooting and Support)

Banner Upgrades

 (See Banner Module Management)

Basic Phone Service

 (See Voice Services)

Behavioral Analysis

 (See Vulnerability Management)


 (See Email Spam & Site Blocking)

Blue Light Phones

 (See Emergency ʺBlue Lightʺ Phones)

Broken Printer

 (See Printer Hardware Support)

Business Process Automation

 (See Workflow Consultation and Development)

Call Center

 (See Automatic Call Distribution)

Call Management

 (See Hunt Group)

Call Management Services

ITS provides an array of call management services including voice menu systems, automatic call distribution, and menu box services for workgroups.

Calling Cards

 (See Long Distance Telephone Services)

Campus-Wide Hardware Procurement Program

The CHP program provides the opportunity for departments to purchase new computer equipment at attractive prices based on volume discounts.


 (See SSL Certificate Management)

Change Account Name

 (See Preferred Name Change)

Change Password

 (See Password Change)


 (See Technology Training)

Classroom Technology

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides classroom technologies support to foster the synergy of technology, pedagogy, and the learning space.

Classroom Technology Training and Support

Information Technology Services (ITS) offers one-on-one & group training to help create an engaging learning experience in classrooms and conference rooms.

Classroom Technology Troubleshooting and Repair

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides ongoing support for UNCG-owned or loaned equipment located in teaching spaces and conference rooms.

Compliance and Records Management Consulting

In collaboration with University Counsel, ITS provides consultation to UNCG faculty and staff on data compliance and records management issues.

Compromised Computer

 (See Compromised Workstation Remediation Process)

Compromised Workstation Remediation Process

ITS provides remediation for University computers that have been infected with malware (such as viruses and spyware) to restore them to proper operation.

Computer Access

 (See Computing Accounts)

Computer Account Assistance

 (See Account Assistance)

Computer Account Transfer

 (See Account Transfer)

Computer Accounts

 (See Computing Accounts)

Computer Based Training

 (See Technology Training)

Computer Hardware Data Removal

ITS provides permanent removal of data from University computing devices upon request.

Computer Installation

 (See Hardware Setup and Installation)

Computer Lab Design

 (See Lab Design Consulting)

Computer Lab Printers

 (See Printing Fee-based Services ("Pay-for-Print"))

Computer Lab Reservations

 (See Computer Labs)

Computer Lab Software

 (See Computer Lab Support)

Computer Lab Support

Basic troubleshooting assistance and consultation is provided as a service for users encountering issues with campus lab access, software and equipment.

Computer Lab Videoconferencing

ITS provides recommendations for videoconferencing and collaboration software in computer labs.

Computer Labs

ITS manages computer labs in a variety of locations across the campus to provide access to campus network resources and software.

Computer Purchase Consultation

 (See Hardware Purchase Consultation)

Computer Repair

 (See Hardware Support and Repair)

Computer Setup

 (See Hardware Setup and Installation)

Computer Software

 (See Software Catalog for UNCG)

Computing Account Department Changes

 (See Department Change)

Computing Account Transfer

 (See Account Transfer)

Computing Accounts

UNCG offers a wide variety of technology resources which require a computer account and password to access.

Conference Calls

 (See Teleconferencing Services (Phone))

Contact Center

 (See Automatic Call Distribution)

Content Collections

 (See Customized Site Search)

Copyright Infringement Protection

UNCG must follow the rules set forth in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Copyright Violation

 (See DMCA Support)

Course Management System

 (See Learning Management Systems)

Customized Report Development

ITS creates custom reports for Banner data utilizing the University supported Operational Data Store (ODS) and WebFOCUS.

Customized Site Search

UNCG hosts a search appliance allowing custom indexing and targeting for UNCG web sites and directories.

Data Analysis Software

 (See Research Software)

Data and Device Protection

ITS provides an array of services to the UNCG community for maintaining the security of computing devices and data.

Data Backup and Data Restore Service

ITS makes a secure copy of all administrative systems data, individual and department network file space, and special volumes.

Data Ports

 (See Wired Network Access)

Data Removal

 (See Computer Hardware Data Removal)

Data Storage Services

ITS provides data storage services (network file space) for faculty, staff, and students.

Database Hosting

ITS hosts both Oracle and Microsoft SQL-Server databases to support applications and web development. MySQL hosting is available in the LAMP Environment.

Database Restoration and Recovery

Oracle and SQL Server backups are managed in accordance with the University Enterprise backup procedures.

Department Change

Staff members changing departments or primary affiliation from Student to Staff or Faculty, should complete the Department Change Request Form.

Department Computer Lab

 (See Lab Design Consulting)

Department Directory

 (See Data Storage Services)

Department Technology Coordinator Role

Department Technology Coordinators manage departmental file access, groups and serve as liaisons with ITS to provide technology information to departments.

Department Technology Staff

 (See Advanced Services for Department Technology Staff)

Department Technology Support Role

ITS provides advanced technical training, certification and elevated privileges for Department Technology Support (DTS) staff.

Digital Millenium Copyright Act

 (See DMCA Support)

Directory Space

 (See Data Storage Services)

DMCA Support

Restoring access to the campus network after a copyright infringement violation (DMCA takedown).


 (See Online Support)


 (See Data Storage Services)


 (See Internet2 Services)


 (See Emergency Lines)

Email Account

 (See Computing Accounts)

Email Archiving, Spam Protection, and Virus Protection

Spam and virus protection for iSpartan is provided for all UNCG email accounts. Faculty and staff accounts also receive Archiving services.

Email List Services (Google Groups)

ITS provides custom mailing list/group creation and support services.

Email Spam & Site Blocking

Email spam filtering

Email, Calendaring and Related Collaboration Services (iSpartan)

All faculty, staff, and students receive an iSpartan account for access to Gmail and related Google Apps (Calendar, Drive, Sites, Chat and "Hangouts").

Emergency ʺBlue Lightʺ Phones

ITS provides support and installation for Emergency "Blue Light" phones across the campus.

Emergency Lines

ITS offers installation and support for life safety telephone lines across campus, which include fire alarm, elevator and area of rescue telephone lines.

Enterprise Authentication Services

Websites and applications can use UNCG's authentication services to require users to login (authenticate) and to govern what data/features can be accessed.

Enterprise Campus Data Center Services

ITS manages and operates the two Tier 2 enterprise data centers whose physical security, device performance and network activity is monitored 24x7x365.

Enterprise Communications Services

ITS provides emergency and life safety telephone lines, and manages the university switchboard.

Enterprise Data Storage, Backup, and Recovery Services

ITS provides secure networked storage space for electronic data, and follows the NC Statewide Information Technology Standards for backup and recovery.

Enterprise Server Management Services

ITS manages the University server farm by providing OS installation, configuration, patching and maintenance, and other services.

EPART Support

ITS is a member of EPART (emergency planning and response team) whose goal is to assess and provide emergency planning and preparedness.


 (See Internet Connections)

External Hardware Storage Sales

ITS sells external storage media at discounted prices to aid UNCG faculty, staff and students in backing-up appropriate data to these devices.

Fiber Loop

 (See Greensboro Fiber Loop)

File Space

 (See Data Storage Services)

Fire Alarm

 (See Emergency Lines)

General Computing Network

 (See Wired Networking At a Glance)

Google Message Discovery (GMD)

 (See Email Archiving, Spam Protection, and Virus Protection)

Greensboro Fiber Loop

Satellite offices located near the Greensboro Fiber Loop can enjoy the same wired and wireless network access as offices located on the main campus.

Hardware Purchase Consultation

ITS provides consulting services to UNCG faculty, staff and students in the selection and purchase of computing hardware to meet their individual needs.

Hardware Services

UNCG faculty, staff and students can get assistance from ITS in the selection, purchase, setup, installation, support, and repair of computing hardware.

Hardware Setup and Installation

ITS provides configuration and setup services for all Campus-wide Hardware Procurement and Student Laptop Program computer hardware.

Hardware Support and Repair

ITS provides warranty and non-warranty hardware support and repair for all Campus-wide Hardware Procurement and Student Laptop Program hardware.

Help and Support - Online

 (See Online Support)

Help and Support - Phone/Email

 (See Phone/Email Support)

Help and Support - Walk-in

 (See Walk-in Support)

Help Desk

 (See Phone/Email Support)

High Performance Computing

For advanced computational needs, ITS provides access to and support for use of a High Performance Computing Linux cluster.

High Speed Network Services

ITS manages and operates UNCG's Gigabit Ethernet network. The campus network infrastructure is a high performance, high availability design.

Home Directory

 (See Data Storage Services)

Hunt Group

A hunt group enables callers to dial one number that the system will distribute among a group of phones.

Image Testing

ITS can provide testing for images being deployed on the campus network using approved deployment methods before going into production.

Imaging Media

 (See Software Imaging Media)

Information Security Training and Consulting

ITS provides training and consulting services on a wide range of information security topics.

Install Software

 (See Software Installation)

Instructional Linux Environment

The Instructional Linux Environment is a service for those who require specialized computing resources running on the Linux operating system.

Interactive Video

 (See Video Conferencing)

International Calls

 (See Long Distance Telephone Services)

Internet Access Services

ITS manages UNCG's Internet service through the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN).

Internet Connections

Wired and wireless access to the UNCG campus network is widely available across campus.

Internet Oversight Committee

 (See University Website Support)

Internet2 Services

ITS manages UNCG's membership in the national Internet2 research and education network.

Intrusion Detection

 (See Security Incident Management)

ISP Network

 (See Wired Networking At a Glance)

iSpartan ID

 (See Computing Accounts)

ITS Special Events Support


 (See Research Software)

Job Scheduling Management

ITS provides support for Banner job and WebFocus report scheduling.


 (See Online Support)


 (See Computer Labs)

Lab Computer Repairs

 (See Lab Workstation Repairs)

Lab Design Consulting

Upon request, ITS provides consulting on workstation and printer solutions for implementation in a lab environment (department lab design).

Lab Imaging

 (See Lab Workstation Imaging)

Lab Reservations

 (See Computer Labs)

Lab Software

 (See Computer Lab Support)

Lab Surplus Machine Distribution

ITS is responsible for coordination of all ITS lab surplus computers that are distributed to students, faculty and staff on campus.

Lab Video Conferencing

 (See Computer Lab Videoconferencing)

Lab Workstation Imaging

Upon request, ITS will deploy an image to a lab using approved lab deployment methods.

Lab Workstation Repairs

Upon request, ITS will perform break/fix maintenance on supported lab workstations.


 (See Website Hosting)

Laptop Purchasing

 (See Student Laptop Program)

LDAP Authentication Support

LDAP Authentication uses the University data store of accounts to allow applications to manage secure access using a standard UNCG username and password.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems allow instructors to go beyond the traditional classroom to deliver learning content and collaborative experiences to students.

Lenovo Laptop

 (See Student Laptop Program)

Life Safety Lines

 (See Emergency Lines)

Linux Server (Virtual)

 (See Virtual Server Hosting)

Linux Software

 (See Software Catalog for UNCG)


 (See Internet2 Services)

Long Distance Telephone Services

ITS provides long distance and international calling access for university lines.

Mac Laptop

 (See Student Laptop Program)

Mac Software

 (See Software Catalog for UNCG)

Mac Support

ITS provides Mac software and hardware support to students, faculty and staff.

Managed Hosting

 (See Application Hosting)

Mass Email Services

ITS provides faculty and staff with the capability to send mass quantities of email for business purposes using specialized software.

Maxbulk Mailer

 (See Mass Email Services)

Menu Box

An automated menu box enables callers to dial one number and receive a voice menu with programmable options.


ITS offers several Metro-Ethernet solutions for satellite offices that are not located near the Greensboro Fiber Loop.

Microsoft SQL

 (See Database Hosting)


 (See Database Hosting)

Network File Space

 (See Data Storage Services)

New Computing Account

 (See Account Activation)

ODS Reports

 (See Customized Report Development)

Off Campus Access

 (See Virtual Private Networking)

Off Campus Network Access

ITS provides a variety of off-campus network access options for satellite offices as well as individuals.

Old Computers

 (See Lab Surplus Machine Distribution)

Online Classrooms, Rooms and Meeting Spaces

ITS provides virtual classrooms, rooms and meeting spaces to host synchronous classes, meetings, office hours, or one-on-one consulting sessions on-line.

Online Productivity Suite

Online productivity suites, such as Google Apps for Education, Box and Office365, provide opportunities for online collaboration and file storage services.

Online Support

Online Support is available to provide information to the UNCG community.

Online Training

 (See Technology Training)

Operator Services

ITS Operators answer incoming calls to the university's main telephone number (336) 334-5000 and provide switchboard services.


 (See Database Hosting)

Parallel Computing

 (See High Performance Computing)

Password Change

Most passwords can be changed online using the Self-Service Password Reset Form.

Phone Features

 (See Voice Services Features)

Phone Installations

 (See Voice Services Installations and Repairs)

Phone Service

 (See Voice Services)

Phone/Email Support

6-TECH was created to provide the University Campus Community with a single point of contact for technology support.


 (See Online Productivity Suite)

Preferred Name Change

Individuals can set preferred names for the campus online Directory and for iSpartan (email) display name.

Printer and Multi-Function Device Consulting

ITS provides consulting services to faculty and staff in the selection and purchase of University printers and multi-function devices.

Printer and Multi-Function Device Setup and Configuration

ITS offers assistance in the setup and configuration of supported local and networked printers and multi-function devices.

Printer Hardware Support

ITS provides hardware support and repair services for supported University printers

Printer Repair

 (See Printer Hardware Support)

Printing Fee-based Services ("Pay-for-Print")

ITS offers fee-based printing access to students, faculty, and staff from ITS lab computers, at printing kiosks and via web-based printing.

Printing Services

ITS provides consultation, installation, configuration and support for printers and multi-function devices, as well as pay-for-print services.

Project Management Professional Services

ITS offers consulting on project management best practices to promote use of appropriate documentation and processes.

Qualitative Data Analysis Software

 (See Research Software)

Remote Access

 (See Teleworking Service Bundles)

Remove Data

 (See Computer Hardware Data Removal)

Report Scheduling

 (See Job Scheduling Management)

Request Additional Accounts

Additional accounts can be requested to allow users to have secondary accounts, specialized Banner access accounts, and WebFOCUS reporting accounts.

Request Software for Campus Access

UNCG faculty and staff may request the installation of software for campus access on University systems and in computer labs.

Research Consulting and Support

ITS collaborates with researchers to provide recommendations, training/learning resources, and support for use of technology in research.

Research Software

ITS makes available a broad selection of software useful for research. ITS also provides training for the most commonly used research software packages.

Reset Password

 (See Password Change)

Run Advertised Programs

 (See Software Catalog for UNCG)


 (See Research Software)

Satellite Offices Access

 (See Greensboro Fiber Loop)

Scan To Email

 (See Scanner Setup and Configuration)

Scanner Setup and Configuration

ITS offers assistance setting up networked scanners and configuring the scan-to-email function available in supported Multi-Function Devices.

Secondary Account

 (See Request Additional Accounts)

Security and Compliance Professional Services

ITS Security and Compliance offers an array of professional services for the UNCG community that include consulting, training, and incident management.

Security Breach

 (See Security Incident Management)

Security Incident Management

ITS provides security incident management and oversight to address information security incidents and minimize risk following an assessment.

Self Maintainer Program (hardware warranty repairs)

Self maintainer programs allow technical staff to conduct warranty repair work on Dell, Lenovo and Apple hardware.

Server Management

 (See Enterprise Server Management Services)

Service Desk

 (See Phone/Email Support)

Site Blocking

 (See Email Spam & Site Blocking)


 (See Video Conferencing)


 (See Voice Services)

Software Catalog for UNCG

ITS provides access to a wide array of academic and administrative software for UNCG students, faculty, and staff.

Software Image Testing

 (See Image Testing)

Software Imaging Media

ITS develops and shares with Departmental Technology Support staff (DTS) the media used to configure UNCG computers with a standard OS and software load.

Software Installation

ITS assists UNCG faculty, staff, and students with the installation of software purchased from UNCG or available through the Student Laptop Program image.

Software Licensing

 (See Software Procurement Consulting)

Software Procurement Consulting

UNCG faculty, staff and students can get assistance from ITS in software evaluation, procurement, licensing, and management of vendor relationships.

Software Purchasing

 (See Software Procurement Consulting)

Software Request

 (See Request Software for Campus Access)

Software Services

ITS provides access to a wide array of software, and assistance with software purchasing, installation, support, and training.

Software Support and Training

ITS provides support and training on the use of applications in the UNCG software catalog.

Software Training

 (See Software Support and Training)

Spam Blocking

 (See Email Spam & Site Blocking)


 (See Data Storage Services)

Specialized Accounts

 (See Request Additional Accounts)


 (See Research Software)


 (See Database Hosting)

SSL Certificate Management

ITS provides SSL certificates for improving security of UNCG websites at no cost.

Statistical Analysis Software

 (See Research Software)


 (See Data Storage Services)

Student Computing Labs

 (See Computer Labs)

Student Laptop Program

ITS provides students with the opportunity to purchase fully-featured laptop computers at discounted prices through the Student Laptop Program.


 (See Computer Labs)

Superlab Service Desk

 (See Walk-in Support)

Surplus Computers

 (See Lab Surplus Machine Distribution)

Survey Consultation and Training

ITS offers survey design consultation and data analysis support for researchers at UNCG.


 (See Operator Services)

Synchronous Classroom

 (See Online Classrooms, Rooms and Meeting Spaces)

Systems and Networks Professional Services

ITS provides architecture design and integration consulting services for custom solutions built on UNCG's enterprise systems and networks infrastructure.

Systems Architecture

 (See Systems and Networks Professional Services)

Technical Training

 (See Technology Training)

Technology Support Center

 (See Walk-in Support)

Technology Training

Instructor Led and Online Training through Microsoft Imagine Academy on technology related topics.


 (See Voice Services)


 (See Video Conferencing)

Teleconferencing Services (Phone)

ITS offers a variety of voice conferencing services.

Telelearning Center

 (See Video Conferencing)

Telephone System Design

 (See Telephony Consulting and Design)

Telephone Training

 (See Telephony Training)

Telephony Consulting and Design

ITS provides consultation on departmental telephone system design upon request.

Telephony Training

ITS provides training for all UNCG-provided telephone services.

Teleworking Service Bundles

ITS offers teleworking service bundles that allow UNCG faculty and staff to work remotely while seamlessly accessing campus technology resources.

Training Opportunities

ITS offers FREE training to faculty, staff, and students at UNCG through a combination of online and in-person training.


 (See Walk-in Support)

UNCG Fac/Staff/Student

 (See Wireless Network Access)


 (See Computing Accounts)

UNCG Wireless

 (See Wireless Network Access)

University Home Page

 (See University Website Support)

University Operators

 (See Operator Services)

University Website Support

The University website (www.uncg.edu) is UNCG's public face. As such, the Internet Oversight Committee mandates the requirements and structure.

Unix Web Server

 (See Website Hosting)

User Account

 (See Computing Accounts)

User Name Change

 (See Preferred Name Change)

Video Conferencing

ITS operates video-conferences (classes or administrative ) from the TeleLearning Center and provides consultation for specialized videoconferencing needs.

Video Conferencing (Labs)

 (See Computer Lab Videoconferencing)

Video Presentation/Playback Services

The Stone TeleLearning Classroom is available to present the video playback of CD, DVD, VHS or other recorded materials for groups of up to 40 persons.

Virtual Computing Lab

 (See Software Catalog for UNCG)

Virtual Meeting Space

 (See Online Classrooms, Rooms and Meeting Spaces)

Virtual Private Networking

ITS provides SSL VPN software for faculty and staff to use for remote connectivity to the campus network and technology resources.

Virtual Server Hosting

ITS offers virtual servers running Windows or Linux operating system to campus clients.


 (See Virtual Server Hosting)

Voice Mail

ITS provides voice mail services to faculty & staff upon department request.

Voice Services

ITS provides IP-based phone services with a wide array of available features to UNCG faculty and staff.

Voice Services

 (See Voice Services)

Voice Services Features

Some telephone features require an extra charge above the monthly base charge for the line. All features are not on every line.

Voice Services Installations and Repairs

ITS provides full installation and repair services for all lines and equipment purchased or leased through ITS at no additional cost to UNCG faculty/staff.

Vulnerability Management

ITS can help departments proactively identify where potential risks exist within systems by performing vulnerability scanning.

Walk-in Support

Walk-in support is available in the 6-TECH Service Center and the Superlab.

Warranty Repair

 (See Hardware Support and Repair)

Web and Application Hosting Professional Services

ITS provides professional services to assist UNCG faculty and staff in developing and managing websites and departmental applications.

Web Assets

 (See University Website Support)

Web Development

 (See Application Development Consulting)

Web Environments

 (See Website Hosting)

Web Search

 (See Customized Site Search)

Web Services Consulting

ITS provides consulting on general development questions related to standards and requirements here at UNCG.

Web Streaming and Multimedia Publishing Support

ITS supports web audit/video content delivery through a streaming media server, iTunesU@UNCG, and UNCG's YouTube Channel. Media compression is available.

Web Troubleshooting

 (See Website Troubleshooting and Support)

Webfocus Report Scheduling

 (See Job Scheduling Management)

Webfocus Reports

 (See Customized Report Development)


 (See Video Conferencing)

Website Hosting

ITS provides web hosting services in both UNIX and Windows server environments, as well as an Apache/Linux LAMP environment.

Website Troubleshooting and Support

If clients are unable to resolve issues related to website systems and software, ITS will provide assistance troubleshooting.

Website URL Custom Name ("Virtual Hosts")

UNCG departments, units and approved groups may request a website name if a custom URL is needed to make it easier to remember or reinforce a brand.


 (See Email Spam & Site Blocking)

Windows Server

 (See Virtual Server Hosting)

Windows Software

 (See Software Catalog for UNCG)

Windows Web Server

 (See Website Hosting)

Wired Network Access

Wired (Ethernet) access to the UNCG network is widely available across campus for faculty and staff.

Wired Networking At a Glance

There are two client access networks at UNCG designed explicitly for faculty, staff, student and visitor computing device use.

Wireless Network Access

Wireless access to the UNCG network is widely available across campus for faculty, staff and students.

Wireless Network Access Consulting and Configuration

ITS provides setup and configuration assistance for UNCG wireless network access on laptops and mobile devices.

WordPress Multisite Environment

ITS provides managed WordPress hosting services for departments and faculty.

Workflow Consultation and Development

ITS provides consultation and development for Banner Workflow automation through project work.


 (See Technology Training)

Younameit Volume

 (See Data Storage Services)