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Banner Environment Troubleshooting and Support

ITS works with clients to assess problems that emerge in the Banner environment which prevent University Business functions from operating as designed.

Classroom Technology

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides classroom technologies support to foster the synergy of technology, pedagogy, and the learning space.

Computer Lab Support

Basic troubleshooting assistance and consultation is provided as a service for users encountering issues with campus lab access, software and equipment.

Computer Labs

ITS manages computer labs in a variety of locations across the campus to provide access to campus network resources and software.

Computing Accounts

UNCG offers a wide variety of technology resources which require a computer account and password to access.

Copyright Infringement Protection

UNCG must follow the rules set forth in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Customized Site Search

UNCG hosts a search appliance allowing custom indexing and targeting for UNCG web sites and directories.

Data and Device Protection

ITS provides an array of services to the UNCG community for maintaining the security of computing devices and data.

Email, Calendaring and Related Collaboration Services (iSpartan)

All faculty, staff, and students receive an iSpartan account for access to Gmail and related Google Apps (Calendar, Drive, Sites, Chat and "Hangouts").

Enterprise Campus Data Center Services

ITS manages and operates the two Tier 2 enterprise data centers whose physical security, device performance and network activity is monitored 24x7x365.

Enterprise Communications Services

ITS provides emergency and life safety telephone lines, and manages the university switchboard.

Enterprise Data Storage, Backup, and Recovery Services

ITS provides secure networked storage space for electronic data, and follows the NC Statewide Information Technology Standards for backup and recovery.

Greensboro Fiber Loop

Satellite offices located near the Greensboro Fiber Loop can enjoy the same wired and wireless network access as offices located on the main campus.

Hardware Services

UNCG faculty, staff and students can get assistance from ITS in the selection, purchase, setup, installation, support, and repair of computing hardware.

Instructional Linux Environment

The Instructional Linux Environment is a service for those who require specialized computing resources running on the Linux operating system.

Internet Connections

Wired and wireless access to the UNCG campus network is widely available across campus.

Lab Surplus Machine Distribution

ITS is responsible for coordination of all ITS lab surplus computers that are distributed to students, faculty and staff on campus.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems allow instructors to go beyond the traditional classroom to deliver learning content and collaborative experiences to students.

Mac Support

ITS provides Mac software and hardware support to students, faculty and staff.

Online Productivity Suite

Online productivity suites, such as Google Apps for Education, Box and Office365, provide opportunities for online collaboration and file storage services.

Online Support

Online Support is available to provide information to the UNCG community.

Phone/Email Support

6-TECH was created to provide the University Campus Community with a single point of contact for technology support.

Printing Services

ITS provides consultation, installation, configuration and support for printers and multi-function devices, as well as pay-for-print services.

Research Consulting and Support

ITS collaborates with researchers to provide recommendations, training/learning resources, and support for use of technology in research.

Research Software

ITS makes available a broad selection of software useful for research. ITS also provides training for the most commonly used research software packages.

Security and Compliance Professional Services

ITS Security and Compliance offers an array of professional services for the UNCG community that include consulting, training, and incident management.

Software Services

ITS provides access to a wide array of software, and assistance with software purchasing, installation, support, and training.

Systems and Networks Professional Services

ITS provides architecture design and integration consulting services for custom solutions built on UNCG's enterprise systems and networks infrastructure.

Technology Training

Instructor Led and Online Training through Microsoft Imagine Academy on technology related topics.

Training Opportunities

ITS offers FREE training to faculty, staff, and students at UNCG through a combination of online and in-person training.

University Website Support

The University website (www.uncg.edu) is UNCG's public face. As such, the Internet Oversight Committee mandates the requirements and structure.

Video Presentation/Playback Services

The Stone TeleLearning Classroom is available to present the video playback of CD, DVD, VHS or other recorded materials for groups of up to 40 persons.

Walk-in Support

Walk-in support is available in the 6-TECH Service Center and the Superlab.

Website Troubleshooting and Support

If clients are unable to resolve issues related to website systems and software, ITS will provide assistance troubleshooting.