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Service: Automatic Call Distribution


Automatic call distribution (Contact Center) is a sophisticated and highly customizable service for University departments that handle large volumes of incoming calls.  The Contact Center allows for the automated distribution of incoming calls to a designated phone number, answered by a specified group of call takers or agents.

Departments can use the contact center to manage work flow and employees more efficiently with reporting of call traffic and automated call distribution.  Contact center services reduce the number of lost or missed calls, and enable callers to obtain routine information through pre-recorded messages.

Contact center features include:

  • Agents can log in or out of the system based on their availability to take calls.
  • Customized call flow gives you options to allow the callers in queue to listen to departmental recordings while waiting for an available agent or to leave a voice mail for a return call later.
  • Calls are distributed equally among the agents logged in, balancing the workload by sending the calls to the agent that has been idle longest.
  • Supervisors have real-time visibility -- actively monitor the status of agents, see the number of calls in queue, chat with agents, and log agents in/out of the system in response to current demands.
  • Reports can also be produced on a scheduled or ad hoc basis providing important statistics, such as number of incoming calls, calls answered, calls abandoned, and agent-specific information.
  • Customized greetings can be enabled such as a holiday greeting (when your office is closed, you can route calls to a holiday message).
  • Message of the day (urgent or emergency recordings inserted at the beginning of your call flow) can be controlled from anywhere.

Installation costs vary widely, depending on the complexity of call flow and number of agents.


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