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Service: Department Technology Support Role


The Department Technology Support (DTS) role for a department can be filled by individuals whose job responsibilities include providing technical support for computer hardware (e.g., desktops, laptops, printers), including reimaging computers. A DTS will be given an administrative (ʺADMʺ) account that will provide elevated privileges which are necessary to manage the organizational network data and workstations. 

Not all departments have DTS staff, and DTS staff may be shared between multiple departments.

Requirements for this role include:

  1. DTS training/certification
  2. DTS Admin Account Request Form
  3. Approval from the department head

If a faculty/staff member's job role is defined as providing desktop support for their department, that person can request DTS training to receive the necessary documentation, skills and accounts needed to deploy desktops in the UNCG environment.

Items covered in training include:

  • ADUC installation and use
  • how to deploy a Windows 7 GCN image to a machine
  • the setup process for joining a workstation to the UNCG network

For more information, please see ITS DTC and DTS Programs.


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