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Service: Enterprise Authentication Services


If you manage a UNCG website or application that requires a login, using “Enterprise Authentication Services” can simplify access to and management of that system. Websites and applications can use UNCG’s authentication services to require users to login (authenticate), and to govern how users interact with the system, including what data and features they can access.  Using UNCG’s Enterprise Authentication Services simplifies the login process by allowing students, faculty and staff to access services with a standard UNCG username and password.

Information Technology Services (ITS) maintains an Enterprise Directory containing current information about UNCG community members (faculty, staff, students and affiliates) that includes data such as the iSpartan ID login credentials, affiliation and status.  Application authentication services enable the use of Enterprise Directory information to authenticate a user and govern how a user can interact.

UNCG offers two authentication services for web sites and applications, Enterprise LDAP and Single Sign-On (Shibboleth).

  • Enterprise LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a standard protocol which allows custom access to the UNCG Enterprise Directory Services.  This service is recommended only for services hosted on UNCG’s campus.
  • Single Sign-On (Shibboleth) is an authentication service which utilizes the Enterprise LDAP authentication for the UNCG community and can be shared with external service providers for secure login. 

Additionally, UNCG offers a two-factor authentication program to strengthen iSpartan ID login credentials (“something you know”) with a hardware device such as a phone or mobile device (“something you have”). Currently two-factor authentication is used by Single Sign-On and available to other application authentication services seeking a stronger authentication.


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