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Service: Enterprise Data Storage, Backup, and Recovery Services


Information Technology Services (ITS) provides industry-standard high-availability enterprise data storage services that rely on redundant storage area network (SAN) systems architectures.  These are mirrored between two campus data centers and support highly available services with semi-transparent failover and high efficiency during peak loads.

All enterprise class services utilize load balancing technology to provide seamless service.  Enterprise data transmitted between SANs is required by state and federal law to remain secure and is transmitted exclusively over fiber paths that carry only SAN traffic, separate and distinct from other network traffic such as email and web browsing.

All data storage services include:

  • Location in a state-of-the-art ISO 27001 compliant data center facility
  • Malware protection
  • Access and disk usage reporting
  • Flexibility for you to fully manage access permissions
  • Ability to collaborate between different individuals and groups both on and off-campus
  • Remote access to files and folders
  • Nightly backups including self-service restores
  • Redundant hardware

If desired, UNCG faculty, staff and students can request a personal home directory network storage space at no additional cost to their department (S:\ drive).

All departments are provisioned with 200 GB of department network file storage to be shared among faculty and staff as the department wishes at no additional cost (N:\ drive). Departments may also utilize 5 GB of specialized storage at no additional cost.

Enterprise backup services are based on the North Carolina Statewide Information Technology Standards manual and Security Backup Files as Public Records in North Carolina: Guidelines for the Recycling, Destruction, Erasure, and Re-use of Security Backup Files published by the Archives and Records Section of the N.C. Division of Historical Resources.

Servers and file storage systems maintained by ITS are backed up on a schedule appropriate for the classification of the data being backed up and the backup media is stored in a secure manner also appropriate for the classification of the data being backed up.  Periodic test restores of backups are performed to verify backup integrity.

Individuals and departments can utilize the checkpoints recovery services feature that is included as part of ITS provided data storage to recover files stored on the network, without having to contact 6-TECH. Checkpoints are "point in time" copies of any changes to a file system. They allow a user or owner of a file to look at the history of the file space changes and to restore files that have been changed.

"Hot-site" disaster recovery services are in production for the most critical parts of the Banner application allowing for the recovery of those Banner services within 4 hours of a disaster with minimal data loss. The solution is a collaborative effort with Appalachian State (which is hosting UNCG hardware) and is tested annually for data accuracy and restoration timeliness. Data is automatically sent at periodic intervals to the servers at Appalachian State.

ITS works in conjunction with other University functional units to test and verify disaster recovery procedures annually.

For more information on data storage, please visit Data Storage Services.

For more information on backup, please visit Backup Services.

For more information on data recovery, please visit Using Checkpoints to Restore Data.


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