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Service: Greensboro Fiber Loop


UNCG and NCAT jointly own significant fiber optic resources (144 single-mode strands) that extend high speed networking capabilities beyond their main campus borders via a metropolitan fiber loop. The southern leg connects UNCG and NCAT to the Gateway Research Park South Campus, while the northern leg connects the two Universities through a fiber route that traverses downtown Greensboro.  

This infrastructure loop provides high speed redundant connectivity to the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN).  NCREN is UNCG’s Internet Service Provider.  Through NCREN, UNCG has access to a high-speed (2 X 10G) shared Internet2 connection.  An OC48 based self-healing fiber optic ring connects UNCG redundantly to NCREN in Research Triangle Park.

Satellite offices that are geographically located in close proximity to any part of the Greensboro Fiber Loop can request a project to tap into the fiber resources and obtain high speed network access equivalent to being located on campus.

Initial costs for connecting to the Greensboro Fiber Loop will vary on a case by case basis, but can include the cost of running fiber from the fiber loop into the tenant building, network switching gear, and inside wiring.  Once connectivity is initially established, there are no recurring charges for using campus wired network services.


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