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Service: Mass Email Services


Faculty and Staff are permitted to send mass (volume) email communications in accordance with the University’s Acceptable Use of Computing and Electronic Resources policy. Such communications must adhere to the UNCG Volume Emailing Software Appropriate Use Guidelines. Information Technology Services (ITS) provides access, training and support for various mass email tools. Mass email may also be generated by other ITS-supported products (e.g., Qualtrics for the dissemination of web surveys) or by tools that are acquired by individual units or departments. Use of all such tools must adhere to the University’s volume email guidelines.

Sending email messages in bulk increases the chance that the messages will be identified as potential "spam" and quarantined by the University's email spam filters. All email services should adhere to UNCG's DMARC implementation as well. To improve the chances of bulk email delivery to UNCG email accounts, you may contact ITS to request that your mass email be "whitelisted" for iSpartan delivery, and to check for compatibility with DMARC. Only messages adhering to the University's volume email guidelines will be approved for whitelisting. To request email whitelisting for delivery to UNCG email accounts, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (256-8324) or send an email to 6-TECH@uncg.edu.

For more information, please visit Mass Email @ UNCG.


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