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Service: Voice Services


Information Technology Services (ITS) provides IP-based phone services with a wide array of available features to UNCG faculty and staff.

There are two components that comprise individual telephone services at UNCG: the IP-based line (dial tone service) and the method of access (handset or software).

Voice service subscribers can choose to utilize either an IP-based handset phone or a “softphone” software application on a computer or mobile device. 

Subscribers who wish to utilize an IP-based handset can choose to lease or purchase a Cisco 7911, 7945 or 7965 model phone from ITS. All of the cost for service calls and repair or replacement of the phone is included in IP-based phone leases and purchases.

Subscribers can also choose not to use a traditional phone handset, and instead use a "softphone" software application on their computer or mobile device to receive and make calls.

See Voice Services, Rates, Equipment and Support for more information about this service, including installations, repairs, voice mail, workshops, etc.  

For details on rates, phone models and softphone applications, see Voice Services Rates & Equipment.


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