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The UNCG Instructional Linux Environment (ILE) is a Linux-based, general-purpose instructional environment. It provides operating system command-level access using standard UNIX/Linux utilities for teaching and research by UNCG students, faculty, and staff. Popular UNIX software packages such as SAS, SPSS, and Sage are also provided. (See the table below for all applications that are available for use in UNCG's ILE.)

Access Location Details

An SSH-capable terminal emulator (see: SSH Software @ UNCG) is required for command-level login to "" In addition to command-level, secure access via most other popular Linux methods (sftp, x-windows, etc.) is also supported.

Usernames and passwords for the ILE are the same as for iSpartan and other standard UNCG login environments.

Support Level Details

  • Comprehensive: ITS offers installation support, training (in-person or online), documentation, consultation, and troubleshooting.
  • Limited: ITS offers installation support, and basic troubleshooting; documentation is available for some applications.
  • Installation: ITS will install and troubleshoot installation issues on the campus network only.
Application Name ILE Eligibility ITS Support Download
Adobe Reader 9.3 All users Installation Download Adobe Reader
Arb 2.5 All users Installation  
g++ 4.4.7 All users Installation  
GCC 4.4.7 All users Installation  
Git 1.7.1 All users Installation Download Git
IBM SPSS Statistics 18 All UNCG-owned computers Comprehensive Purchase from online software store
JavaC 1.6.0_39 All users Installation Download Java
Magma 2.22-4 Academic units only Installation Download Magma Student
Maple 16 Academic units only Installation  
Mathematica 11 Academic units only Installation Purchase from online software store
Matlab R2015a Academic units only Installation  
Octave 3.4.3 All users Installation Download  Octave
PARI/GP 2.7.3 All users Installation Download PARI/GP
PARIEMACS 3.03 All users Installation Download PARIEMACS
Sage 7.2 All users Installation Download Sage Math
SAS 9.4 All users Comprehensive Download SAS
Screen 4.00.03 All users Installation Download Screen
Singular 3.1.3 All users Installation  
Stata 14 Academic units only Limited