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Instructional Linux Environment - Production

Warning: You will need a personal home directory (S: drive) to use this environment. If you attempt to use this environment without an S: drive, it will not work correctly.

From Linux, you may access your Windows files via the "homedir" folder. From Windows, you may access your Linux files via the "linux-login-home" folder.

The current production Instructional Linux Environment service, ILE, is an Intel-based server running Red Hat Enterprise Linux with user file space and authentication integration into the UNCG Windows Active Directory environment.

You may login to the ILE environment using your iSpartan ID and password. When a new user logs in to ILE, a folder called "linux-login-home" will be created automatically in your Windows file space. This folder will serve as the Linux login directory for login scripts and other Linux-specific files created by you while logged into ILE. While logged into Windows, the contents of this folder can be accessed easily from Windows, thereby providing a convenient gateway into your Linux files via the "linux-login-home" folder inside Windows.

After logging in to the ILE environment, a sub-folder called "homedir" will be created automatically in the Linux login directory. This folder provides a similar gateway from Linux into your Windows file space (the S: drive).

Use Caution When Sharing Files Between ILE and Windows

In practice, the file system integration between ILE and Windows is intended to facilitate file sharing between Windows and Linux. File system integration makes it very easy to access Windows files from Linux and vice versa. However, please be aware that having two operating systems share the same file space has the potential to cause problems. For example, Linux will create a number of special files in the Linux login folder and if you modify or delete these from Windows, your Linux login may not work correctly.

You also may find that the same file extension has different meanings for Linux and Windows, possibly causing unpredictable behavior as one operating system "mistakes" one file type for something else. In addition, care should be used in opening and updating the same document or data file in different operating systems. Software used to open and edit a file under one operating system may create changes that are not understood by software in the other operating system.

So, while the ILE makes sharing files between Windows and Linux very simple, ITS recommends users exercise caution when doing so. Make backup copies of important files before sharing between different operating systems.

Software for Instruction and Research

In addition to standard UNIX/Linux utilities, instructional and research applications software is available in the ILE environment. Please see Linux Software @ UNCG for current offerings. Additional software can be requested by contacting 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or

Dedicated Workspace

Occasionally a need arises for a dedicated workspace for class projects, etc. If an instructor has such a need, a shared space for a course (or group of courses) can be created on request. The basic offering will be a native Linux directory that the instructor may use for instruction. The instructor will be responsible for creating folders for students or groups of students and assigning rights as needed. If requested, ITS will provide consulting to instructors regarding best practices when setting up space. Requests for ILE instructional workspace should be made by contacting 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or As instructional workspace is intended for supporting specific classes, this space will be reclaimed for future classes after the semester ends.

File Space for Faculty Research and Departments

Departmental network Windows file space is not available by default to ILE, but can be added to individual Faculty and Staff user logins upon request. Please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or to request ILE access to departmental space for your user name if you wish to access your department's Windows network file space from ILE.

Faculty members are encouraged to use their home directory (S: drive) and departmental directory (N: drive) for small-to-medium research storage needs. If this space is insufficient, file space for grant-funded research is available at a reduced rate. Please see Data Storage Services for details.

Note: For information about the Instructional Linux legacy system used for www maintenance, see Instructional Linux Environment - Legacy.