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SSH Software @ UNCG

Secure Shell (SSH) is a network protocol for secure data communications between two networked computers. UNCG supports two SSH clients: PuTTY (Windows) and JellyfiSSH (Mac).

Who is eligible?

Faculty, staff, and students are eligible to use the software.

How can I get the software?

You may install the software from the campus network:

  • Windows: PuTTY is available for installation at no charge from the UNCG network for University-owned computers. It may be installed from the Application Catalog (AppCat). For details on installing software from the AppCat, please see Installing Applications.
  • Mac: JellyfiSSH is available from the MacApps Volume. For details on installing software from the MacApps volume, see Installing Applications.

Note: PuTTY and JellyfiSSH are also installed locally in the ITS open access computer labs.

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