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ITS Software Service Requests

ITS offers a variety of software related services, including, but not limited to:

  • access to software through the campus network
  • pre-purchase consulting on potential software solutions for business needs, including cloud-based software hosted by a third party, which uses or may impact UNCG computing and information systems
  • assistance in the use of certain supported software applications

Software access and installation

ITS provides access to software to students, faculty, and staff through a number of different environments:

Before requesting the installation of software on campus systems, check the Available Software list to see if existing software may meet your needs.

ITS only purchases software used campus-wide. Departments are responsible for purchasing software for their individual curricular needs.

ITS will attempt to install software requested by faculty or staff that:

  • passes the ITS security and efficiency reviews
  • is technically compatible with the UNCG network and supported by the publisher/vendor under the operating system currently supported by ITS
  • does not duplicate the functionality of existing software offerings
  • has had its "clickwrap" or other license agreements approved by the Office of General Counsel, or for which the risk has been accepted by the department or the University. See List of Approved Click Wraps and Procedure for Entering into Non-Approved Click Wrap Agreements.

Because ITS cannot guarantee the above criteria will be met, clients are strongly urged to obtain a trial copy of any software they intend to purchase, and to consult with ITS prior to purchasing.

Computer lab access

Software installation requests may be made at any time. However, to ensure adequate lead time for installation and testing, software installation requests for applications intended for use in the ITS computer labs must be submitted by the deadline announced before the start of every semester via the ITS Lab User email list and in ITS Technology News. If you wish to be included on the ITS Lab User email list, please contact 6-TECH.

Software installation request checklist:

  1. Investigate licensing.
  2. Review accessibility.
  3. Request an evaluation copy of the software from the vendor.
    • ITS will conduct a technical review of the software before you commit funds if you provide us with a trial or evaluation copy of the software.
    • ITS cannot guarantee we will be able to install software purchased without first being evaluated.
  4. Fill out the online ITS Software Service Request.

  5. Submit the evaluation copy of the software and the following documents to ITS for review:
    • Licensing documents such as End User License Agreements  or "EULAs" - these must also be submitted by you, not ITS, to University Counsel for review. (See: Click-Wraps, Click-Through and Automatic Update Agreements)
    • Technical support documents with technical requirements, and installation and configuration instructions.
    • Testing script for assessing correct installation and configuration of software.
    • Contact information for someone who is qualified to test the software.

After ITS approval:

  1. Provide purchase documentation showing the number of users the license and any installation codes or instructions provided by the vendor.

  2. Be prepared to test your software upon notification by ITS.

Software pre-purchase review

ITS provides consulting services to faculty and staff seeking a software solution for a business need. Faculty and staff considering a specific application, or assistance in identifying potential applications, may request ITS assistance by filling out and submitting the online Software Service Request Form.

Software consulting services

ITS provides various levels of support for software that is widely used on campus. For information on support levels for specific applications, please consult the online Available Software list and select the application for which you are looking for support.