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Installing Unsupported Applications on Your Workstation

UNCG Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a robust suite of software applications and tools for faculty and staff use on our campus network that have been fully tested and configured to operate properly and securely in our campus computing environment. These applications are fully supported by ITS. A list of software available at UNCG can be viewed on the Available Software web page. If you choose to install software that is not supported by ITS on a UNCG-owned computer workstation, you must understand and adhere to the following requirements:

  1. End User Licensing Agreements (EULA) for any software that is to be installed on a University-owned workstation must be reviewed and approved by UNCG's University Legal Counsel prior to installation. A list of currently approved software licenses can be viewed on the List of Approved Click Wraps. For further information on software licensing legal requirements, please contact the University Counsel's Office.
  2. Users who install unsupported software on their computer workstations accept individual responsibility for supporting their workstations. ITS cannot guarantee proper interoperability of supported applications and devices, or proper network connectivity, once unsupported software has been installed.
  3. Users who install unsupported software on their workstations accept individual responsibility for the risks presented to the University that result from operation of unsupported software on the campus network. Some unsupported software applications have mandatory configuration requirements for use on the UNCG campus network. A list of these applications and their configuration requirements can be accessed from the Unsupported Applications with Configuration Requirements web page.
  4. If the use of an unsupported application is considered to impede security or other operational functions in the campus computing environment, ITS will immediately disconnect the associated workstation from the campus network.

ITS recommends that, whenever possible, faculty and staff operate University-owned computers that have the latest ITS standard Operating System (OS) environment build and supported software installed.