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Web Streaming and Multimedia Publishing Support

Information Technology Services (ITS) is committed to supporting both academic and administrative departments in the use of streaming video and audio technologies. ITS support of streaming media consists of file hosting, file compression, and direct assistance to faculty members seeking to incorporate streaming media into their pedagogy. There are three services to choose from:

Flash Video

Compressed, ready-to-stream media can be uploaded to the Flash server maintained by Information Technology Services. Each department or facility has its own folder designated by a three letter acronym.

To request access to the server, please call 6-TECH Technical Support at 336-256-TECH (8324). A service ticket will be created for your request and forwarded to a streaming media consultant.

Note: There are two ways to access your media - embedding it to play within the page and having it play in an external player. Please review our Accessibility Guidelines for linking to, or embedding Flash Video at UNCG.

iTunes U at UNCG

iTunes U at UNCG is a partnership between the University and Apple Computer, Inc. that provides storage space and a University presence for delivering media content such as podcasts in the Apple iTunes Store. To learn more about this service, including available support for content creation and publishing, see iTunes U at UNCG. If you or your department have publicly available content that you would like to include on iTunesU, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH or

YouTube Via iSpartan

University faculty, staff and students can set up a YouTube channel that is connected to their iSpartan (Google Mail) email account.

To set up a channel, log in to your iSpartan email account, navigate to “More” and choose “YouTube” from the pull-down menu. On the YouTube homepage click the “Sign In” button. Once your YouTube homepage is displayed, you can click “Upload” to add files to your YouTube channel.

You can find a list of official UNCG YouTube channels on the UNCGConnect Social Media Hub.

Web Development Support

For more information about other Web Development services at UNCG, please see: Web Development Support.