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Whether your target audience is restricted to a classroom or expansive enough to attract international users, it is important to know a few things about encoding rates and window sizing.

The window size refers to the size of the loaded media player. These dimensions are pre-set by the compressing consultant based upon the client's request. It is important to remember that a larger window does not always produce a better image. The bigger the window needs to be, the higher encoding rate needed to support the detail. It is possible to have a larger window stream within a minimal data rate, but the image quality will suffer greatly. Use the chart below as a reference guide to help determine what system best meets your objectives.

NOTE: Frame Rate is measured in "frames per second." Standard video and television run at 30 fps, while motion picture film will run at 24 fps.

Target Audience Window Size Encode Rate Frame Rate
High definition (high) 1080 8 Mbps 30 fps
High definition (low) 720 5 Mbps 30 fps
Standard definition 480 2.5 Mbps 30 fps
Mobile 360 to 480 1 Mbps 24-30 fps