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  • When the order of entries is important, use an ordered list.
  • If order does not matter, use an unordered list organized with bullet points.
    • In bulleted lists within text passages, the bullet is the punctuation. No other punctuation is required to separate listed items such as commas or semicolons.
    • If an item in the bulleted list is a complete sentence, the first word should be capitalized and a period should be at the end of the sentence. If the item is a sentence fragment, the first word should be lowercase with a period at the end of the last listed item.
  • All items in a list should contain the same syntax (i.e., all should be noun forms, phrases, full sentences, etc.).
  • Try to limit the number of items in a single list to no more than nine.
  • Generally, limit lists to no more than two levels: primary and secondary. If your list extends beyond four levels, consider restructuring for better readability.